From 04/21/2003 to 05/20/2003


10:16 AM Bug #1070 (New): propose a flexible system for transformation steps
In any workflow, linking any two steps is likely to require some sort of
transformation to get the outputs of one st...
Matt Jones
10:03 AM Bug #1069 (Resolved): contact Ptolemy project about collaboration
Ptolemy has a lot of potential for collaboration. Need to contact the Ptolemy
folks to determine where oppoortuniti...
Matt Jones
10:00 AM Bug #1068 (Resolved): create and analyze example pipelines with workflow editor
Need to create several representative formal workflows using the workflow editor
described in bug 1064 to show what ...
Matt Jones
09:54 AM Bug #1067 (Resolved): follow up with GeoVista Studio
Need to explore the use of GeoVista Studio for use in SEEK. Create a GARP
visualization and see how easy it is to u...
Matt Jones
09:48 AM Bug #1066 (Resolved): follow up with DiscoveryNet
Collaboration opportunities with DiscoveryNet are promising, but we need to
follow up withthem to determine if and h...
Matt Jones
09:38 AM Bug #1065 (New): create proposal for data and semantic types for workflows
We need a mechanism to type input and output parameters in workflows, and to
type data items that are bound to workf...
Matt Jones
09:28 AM Bug #1064 (Resolved): create initial workflow editor from Vergil
SEEK participants need to be able to create and edit workflows to explore the
expressiveness of the language. The c...
Matt Jones
09:21 AM Bug #1063 (Resolved): review and summarize workflow languages
Need a review of the features and issues associated with the various workflow
languages under consideration. This s...
Matt Jones


01:10 PM Bug #1062 (Resolved): install and evaluate OSGA DAI
Need to look into the use of OSGA DAI as a possible distributed data service for
the EcoGrid. It may have already p...
Matt Jones
01:09 PM Bug #1061 (Resolved): create EcoGrid registry service
Need to install and evaluate the new alpha globus toolkit for use as a registry
service and in general as a grid arc...
Matt Jones
01:06 PM Bug #1060 (Resolved): expose whywhere image data on ecogrid
This task was agreed upon at the SDSC meeting May 12. It involves making the
whywhere datastore that was shown by S...
Matt Jones
12:57 PM Bug #1059 (New): create testing harness for ecogrid
We need a common testing harness that can be used to launch client queries
against ecogrid nodes and validate that t...
Matt Jones
12:54 PM Bug #1040: set up registry service for ecogrid
Decided that UDDI was probably overkill for what it provides, and that instead
we might be better served with a simpl...
Matt Jones
12:51 PM Bug #1058 (Resolved): review and revise candidate WSDL
After DaveV has finished creating the frist draft of the WSDL interface specs,
others need to review and approve or ...
Matt Jones
12:48 PM Bug #1041: revise WSDL for ecogrid query level I and II interfaces
From discussion at SDSC, need to modify these interfaces to include the new
XQuery parameter defined as a type.
Matt Jones


11:18 AM Bug #1039: create and revise schema docs for ecogrid messages
Modify both query.xsd and resultset.xsd to accomodate the changes we discussed
at the meeting. This may incorporate ...
Matt Jones
10:08 AM Bug #1057 (Resolved): Adapt and adopt general purpose XQuery tokenizer
We need a general purpose XQuery tokenizer that can be used by the various
back-end wrapper implementations to facto...
Matt Jones
10:03 AM Bug #1056 (Resolved): XQuery research: processors, SQL translators, XQuery examples
Research the pros and cons of using XQuery as a standard language for query
specs in EcoGrid.
Who: Peter, Bing, J...
Matt Jones


12:02 PM Bug #1040: set up registry service for ecogrid
Wrote a client program using GLUE standard library(free) to search IBM and
Microsoft testing uddi registry. In Micro...
Jing Tao


09:28 AM Bug #1040: set up registry service for ecogrid
Set up another UDDI server - WASP. It has a friend web interface and user can
use it to register, publish and find b...
Jing Tao


10:03 PM Bug #1040: set up registry service for ecogrid
Set up JWSDP in my local machine - pine. But JWSDP come with a tomcat two. Now
I am figuring that put the two tomcat...
Jing Tao


04:12 PM Bug #1039: create and revise schema docs for ecogrid messages
Added a resultset schema document (resultset.xsd) to CVS. It is an initial pass
at a structure for a result set. St...
Matt Jones


10:48 AM Bug #1039: create and revise schema docs for ecogrid messages
Query document schema is largely complete and is in CVS (needs docuemntation and
the operator list enumeration).
Matt Jones

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