From 05/20/2003 to 06/18/2003


11:41 AM Bug #1061: create EcoGrid registry service
GT3beta has been installed on port 8080
Need to further evaluate the Registry services wi...
Matt Jones


12:21 PM Bug #1057: Adapt and adopt general purpose XQuery tokenizer
Because XQuery will be implemented (if at all) at a later date, this bug is no
longer applicable. See bug # 1056 for...
Matt Jones
12:18 PM Bug #1056: XQuery research: processors, SQL translators, XQuery examples
OK, Based on the the conference call of 6/16/03, I think we've agreed to put
this off untill later in the project. Th...
Peter McCartney


10:16 AM Bug #1070 (New): propose a flexible system for transformation steps
In any workflow, linking any two steps is likely to require some sort of
transformation to get the outputs of one st...
Matt Jones
10:03 AM Bug #1069 (Resolved): contact Ptolemy project about collaboration
Ptolemy has a lot of potential for collaboration. Need to contact the Ptolemy
folks to determine where oppoortuniti...
Matt Jones
10:00 AM Bug #1068 (Resolved): create and analyze example pipelines with workflow editor
Need to create several representative formal workflows using the workflow editor
described in bug 1064 to show what ...
Matt Jones
09:54 AM Bug #1067 (Resolved): follow up with GeoVista Studio
Need to explore the use of GeoVista Studio for use in SEEK. Create a GARP
visualization and see how easy it is to u...
Matt Jones
09:48 AM Bug #1066 (Resolved): follow up with DiscoveryNet
Collaboration opportunities with DiscoveryNet are promising, but we need to
follow up withthem to determine if and h...
Matt Jones
09:38 AM Bug #1065 (New): create proposal for data and semantic types for workflows
We need a mechanism to type input and output parameters in workflows, and to
type data items that are bound to workf...
Matt Jones
09:28 AM Bug #1064 (Resolved): create initial workflow editor from Vergil
SEEK participants need to be able to create and edit workflows to explore the
expressiveness of the language. The c...
Matt Jones
09:21 AM Bug #1063 (Resolved): review and summarize workflow languages
Need a review of the features and issues associated with the various workflow
languages under consideration. This s...
Matt Jones

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