From 09/02/2003 to 10/01/2003


10:01 AM Bug #1060: expose whywhere image data on ecogrid
We have exposed the whywhere image.(see
But we need to figure out how to integ...
Yang Yu


03:20 PM Bug #1166: create a schema for registry metadata
This schema will be used in the <record> elements that are returned from queries
to specify the GSH and other service...
Matt Jones
03:09 PM Bug #1166 (In Progress): create a schema for registry metadata
Need a schema that defines the metadata associated with an EcoGrid Registry.
Minimally this is the GSH of the regis...
Matt Jones
03:14 PM Bug #1167 (Resolved): write serviceData schema for ecogrid query services
Service data schema for query level I, II, II services and application
serviceData, including references to an analy...
Matt Jones
03:06 PM Bug #1040: set up registry service for ecogrid
Agreed to pursue the OGSA service based registry approach to integrate it with
the rest of the OGSA stuff we are doin...
Matt Jones
03:02 PM Bug #1165 (Resolved): define wsdl interface for registry
Need to create a WSDL document defining the interfaces for registry operations
for EcoGrid. We specified them in Se...
Matt Jones
02:47 PM Bug #1164 (Resolved): need ecogrid client library and command line client
To easily build software clients that interact with EcoGrid, we need to build a
simple client library that provides ...
Matt Jones
02:43 PM Bug #1163 (New): install and configure certificate authority system for ecogrid
We need a common mechanism for authenticating users for EcoGrid. We have
general agreement that the OGSA Grid Secur...
Matt Jones
02:34 PM Bug #1162 (In Progress): implement level III ecogrid methods for Xylopia
When the level III methods are well specified and somewhat stable, we need to
implement them for Xylopia. Peter vol...
Matt Jones
02:22 PM Bug #1161 (Resolved): create wsdl for ecogrid level III interfaces
Need to build and checkin OGSA stubs in java for the Level III query methods.
This is still experimental stuff, thu...
Matt Jones
02:17 PM Bug #1160 (Resolved): build php ogsa stubs for ecogrid
Need PHP OGSA stubs to be built and checked in for ecogrid. Matt Jones
02:16 PM Bug #1159 (Resolved): build java ogsa stubs for ecogrid
Need OGSA stubs in Java to be built and checked in. Matt Jones
02:08 PM Bug #1158 (New): create wsdl for ecogrid query level III interfaces
During Seattle, we redefined the WSDL interfaces for the query operations for
the level III operations.
They now ...
Matt Jones
02:01 PM Bug #1041: revise WSDL for ecogrid query level I and II interfaces
During Seattle, we redefined the WSDL interfaces for the query operations.
They now should contain:
Level I
Matt Jones
01:39 PM Bug #1039: create and revise schema docs for ecogrid messages
At the Seattle (Sept 2003) EcoGrid meeting we decided:
Revise query.xsd:
-- add repeatable returnfield element for...
Matt Jones


11:23 AM Bug #1147 (Resolved): create agent to get data from ecogrid
Need to be able to access data sources from EcoGrid from within the AMS. So,
from within AMS (vergil) need to be ab...
Matt Jones
11:19 AM Bug #1146 (Resolved): implement GridService discovery in Ptolemy
Ptolemy's GUI (vergil) for creating workflows needs to be able to discover
GridServices on the fly so that they can ...
Matt Jones
11:12 AM Bug #1145 (Resolved): allow execution of GridServices in AMS
Need an agent in Ptolemy that can execute arbitrary GridServices. These are
basically web services with some additi...
Matt Jones
11:08 AM Bug #1144 (Resolved): write an agent for running R jobs in the AMS
Need to be able to execute R from within AMS. Probably just port the monarch
code to do this. Later, establish a Gr...
Matt Jones

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