From 06/15/2004 to 07/14/2004


07:59 AM Bug #1638 (New): EcoGrid Web - Implementation
Implement the EcoGrid search webapp. Steve Tekell
07:52 AM Bug #1637 (New): EcoGrid Web - Design
Design web application for searching EcoGrid.
The search should be able to search multiple nodes at once and prese...
Steve Tekell


08:34 PM Bug #1402: Create small test database with hickory and mosses
Robert Kukla has provided the moss data in TES format. Aimee Stewart


09:38 AM Bug #1620 (Resolved): Create voucher parser/handler for TES
Aimee Stewart
09:37 AM Bug #1619 (Resolved): Create publication parser/handler for TES
Aimee Stewart
09:36 AM Bug #1617: Implement parser for the TES
Decide whether processes or threads are more efficient for this task. Aimee Stewart
08:26 AM Bug #1617 (In Progress): Implement parser for the TES
To avoid having the entire Taxonomic Exchange Schema document in memory before
entering a concept into the database,...
Aimee Stewart
09:12 AM Bug #1618 (In Progress): Fix rank representation in db
The current representation of rank does not fully support the Napier schema for
adding a concept to the Taxon cache.
Robert Gales
09:00 AM Bug #1616: RSS feed shows incorrect URL
The base URL was not set, so it wasn't really generating any RSS feed. The
incorrect URL is just a part of old data...
Steve Tekell


03:59 PM Bug #1616 (Resolved): RSS feed shows incorrect URL
The RSS feed ( from the wiki site
( is genera...
Dave Vieglais


08:53 AM Bug #1615 (New): Look at KNB LDAP interface for user-friendly concept authoring authentication
Aimee Stewart
08:51 AM Bug #1614 (New): Add concept authoring code to enterProviderData
Aimee Stewart
08:10 AM Bug #1613: organizations missing from web auth dropdown
for the short term, have added NAPIER, UVM to list manually. We can still
rewrite the code to generate the list dyn...
Steve Tekell


01:49 PM Bug #1613 (Resolved): organizations missing from web auth dropdown
When you try to log into the SEEK wiki, the dropdown list containing
organizations is missing several critical organ...
Matt Jones


03:12 PM Bug #1604: Convert ITIS database dump to TES
Converted ITIS mammals only as a test instance of the TES for implementation of
enterProviderData. The instance of t...
Robert Gales

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