From 07/02/2004 to 07/31/2004


09:15 AM Bug #1650 (New): move taxon materials to SEEK web site
I noticed that we are maintaining a web page regarding SEEK taxon that contains
material about the groups activities...
Matt Jones


04:26 PM Bug #1649 (Resolved): Write gwsdl description for Ecogrid's 'put' service
The put service will have two functions in this implementation.
1. For uploading data for an ecogrid object/datase...
Bing Zhu


09:13 PM Bug #1647: Modify data model to accomodate different views of data
Update documentation to better illustrate the implementation and objectives of APIs. Aimee Stewart
09:08 PM Bug #1647 (Resolved): Modify data model to accomodate different views of data
Ensure that both atomic taxa and concept objects can be returned from the
Taxonomic Object Server
Aimee Stewart
09:11 PM Bug #1648 (New): Create taxon developer web site which calculates metrics of code
Aimee Stewart
09:04 PM Bug #1646 (Resolved): Restructure code packages to allow reuse of common objects between server and client
Aimee Stewart
09:03 PM Bug #1645 (Resolved): Propose modifications to schema to better fit SEEK needs
Aimee Stewart


09:30 AM Bug #1643 (Resolved): Need pathexpr when search entire document
In Metacat, if a user try to search a value in entire document rather than a
sepecific path, in path query the user ...
Jing Tao


06:02 AM Bug #1637: EcoGrid Web - Design
Have you had a chance to look at the web app I have working that enables the
searching of one node?
Rod Spears


07:59 AM Bug #1638 (New): EcoGrid Web - Implementation
Implement the EcoGrid search webapp. Steve Tekell
07:52 AM Bug #1637 (New): EcoGrid Web - Design
Design web application for searching EcoGrid.
The search should be able to search multiple nodes at once and prese...
Steve Tekell


08:34 PM Bug #1402: Create small test database with hickory and mosses
Robert Kukla has provided the moss data in TES format. Aimee Stewart


09:38 AM Bug #1620 (Resolved): Create voucher parser/handler for TES
Aimee Stewart
09:37 AM Bug #1619 (Resolved): Create publication parser/handler for TES
Aimee Stewart
09:36 AM Bug #1617: Implement parser for the TES
Decide whether processes or threads are more efficient for this task. Aimee Stewart
08:26 AM Bug #1617 (In Progress): Implement parser for the TES
To avoid having the entire Taxonomic Exchange Schema document in memory before
entering a concept into the database,...
Aimee Stewart
09:12 AM Bug #1618 (In Progress): Fix rank representation in db
The current representation of rank does not fully support the Napier schema for
adding a concept to the Taxon cache.
Robert Gales
09:00 AM Bug #1616: RSS feed shows incorrect URL
The base URL was not set, so it wasn't really generating any RSS feed. The
incorrect URL is just a part of old data...
Steve Tekell


03:59 PM Bug #1616 (Resolved): RSS feed shows incorrect URL
The RSS feed ( from the wiki site
( is genera...
Dave Vieglais

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