From 11/14/2004 to 12/13/2004


12:56 PM Bug #1762: Develop task list with dependencies and schedule
This is complete and resides at The list is
Aimee Stewart
12:51 PM Bug #1576: Implement EnterProviderData for TOS v1.1.0 with input TCS
We have decided on TCS version 0.88. This is nearly complete. Aimee Stewart
12:50 PM Bug #1760: Decide on TCS version to work from
We have settled on version 0.88 - this will work fine for the next development
Aimee Stewart


12:41 PM Bug #1744: ENM IIL - Convex Hull Actor
The convex hull, rasterization, and buffering actors accomplish these tasks and
are complete. There is a test workfl...
Matt Jones
12:39 PM Bug #1732: ENM IIF - Clipping Actor
This functionality has been provided by the rasterization actor that Jianting
completed (clipping occurs by setting t...
Matt Jones


10:37 AM Bug #1789: Create database for TOS version 1.1.0
Database changes complete - add data Aimee Stewart
10:18 AM Bug #1789: Create database for TOS version 1.1.0
This must be completed to test object changes. Aimee Stewart
10:14 AM Bug #1789 (Resolved): Create database for TOS version 1.1.0
This will follow the TCS agreed upon (version 0.86 or 0.88 have only minor
differences that do not require differenc...
Aimee Stewart
10:35 AM Bug #1790 (New): Add ITIS data to TOS db v1.1.0
Aimee Stewart
10:16 AM Bug #1760: Decide on TCS version to work from
We are now deciding between version 0.86 and 0.88 - the differences are minor
and confined to the PlaceHolder type wh...
Aimee Stewart
10:12 AM Bug #1647: Modify data model to accomodate different views of data
We are now in agreement that concepts can be defined a single way. Different
views of the data (with or without relat...
Aimee Stewart
10:10 AM Bug #1402: Create small test database with hickory and mosses
Received moss data in TCS - validates against v0.86 (Aimee's modifications) and
against v0.88(Trevor and Robert's pre...
Aimee Stewart


01:33 PM Bug #1761: Update object model (v1.1.0) to more closely mirror TCS
Objects and main codebase have been updated. Tests and database must be
modified, and tests run successfully befor...
Aimee Stewart
01:18 PM Bug #1760: Decide on TCS version to work from
Decided on the Taxon call of 17 Nov that we are unable to pin this down much more
before spring 2005. We will work ...
Aimee Stewart


09:23 AM Bug #1734: ENM IIJ - Assemble Layer List into GARP *.dxl summary
The ASCtoRAW actor assembles a list of layers and writes a *.dxl file as output. Dan Higgins
09:22 AM Bug #1731: ENM IIE - Rescaling of layer grid information
The ASCtoRAW actor handles the scaling when it converts *.ASC file to a *.RAW
Dan Higgins


02:47 PM Bug #1729: ENM IIC3 - Initial Preparation of Hydro1K data
Created a JNI wrapper for the GDAL libraries. We can now call GDALTranslate()
via java/jni to convert from BIL files...
Chad Berkley
10:57 AM Bug #1722: ENM IB - Convert DIiGR data source table to GARP input format
fixed and pipeline updated Rod Spears

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