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11:52 AM Morpho Bug #5256: Morpho V 1.9 Help: Morpho User Guide does not download
Ben: My config.xml file:
The line that you mentioned is present in the file.
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
- <config>...
Rick Reeves


05:06 PM Morpho Bug #5256 (Resolved): Morpho V 1.9 Help: Morpho User Guide does not download
I downloaded and installed Morpho v 1.9 onto my Windows 7 - 64 bit platform;
then selected Help/Morpho User Guide. ...
Rick Reeves


05:28 PM Morpho Bug #5080 (Resolved): Cannot save updated Data Package version to Network, despite full access permissions
Running Morpho 1.8 under Windows 7/64, I am importing and documenting a new .csv table to an existing data package kn... Rick Reeves


01:52 PM Morpho Bug #5063 (New): Morpho Data Package Editor degrades when Editing Data Table Access
(Ben L. was an eyewitness to this - 6.29.2010)
Running Windows 7 Enterprise.
I have added six data objects/tables t...
Rick Reeves


10:25 AM Morpho Bug #5060 (New): Inform Morpho user in cases where Morpho fails due to failure of Metacat connection
The Metacat connection can fail during a Morpho session, causing Morpho to cease working (e.g., the user interface st... Rick Reeves


05:41 PM Morpho Bug #5059 (New): SAXPParseException error when entering data package search string misleading!
Using Morpho 1.8, NOT logged in (unable to log in to my account), I entered a query string, for a Network Search. Whe... Rick Reeves
10:58 AM Morpho Bug #5057: Morpho Editor Screen freezes when opened....
by the way, the Data Package number is knb.245.1, stored in Metacat. Rick Reeves
10:57 AM Morpho Bug #5057 (Resolved): Morpho Editor Screen freezes when opened....
Working within Morpho 1.8, with a data package that includes PDF files stored as binary objects, I open the Morpho Ed... Rick Reeves


12:56 PM Morpho Bug #4628 (New): Testing version 1.7.1 beta: Morpho Tree Editor produces invalid documents
Condition: I am using the Morpho Tree Editor to edit the columns in an attribute table. The table was, incidentally, ... Rick Reeves


02:02 PM Morpho Bug #4617 (Resolved): Using Table Editor (see attached photo) mouse-click response is extremely slow
I am using Morpho 1.71 Beta 1, and testing the repairs to the MS Access Database Import utility.
Process: I am ed...
Rick Reeves

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