Perumal Sambasivam's activity

From 03/16/2004 to 04/14/2004


03:09 PM Morpho Bug #1484: Taxonomic Coverage Page not being populated properly
the wrong xPath was being passed to the setPageData() method. This was causing
the problem. Corrected it now.
Perumal Sambasivam


06:04 PM Morpho Bug #1454: custom units not inserted into data package
this bug seems to be fixed. The problem was due to the wizard creating a
temporary DOM and treating that as the curr...
Perumal Sambasivam


02:55 PM Morpho Bug #1474: taxon citation screen ok button does nothing
(2) is also fixed. Perumal Sambasivam
02:22 PM Morpho Bug #1474: taxon citation screen ok button does nothing
resolved (1). (2) seems to be fixed too (atleast for the cases i tried). Now, I
am not able to reproduce this bug.. ...
Perumal Sambasivam
02:19 PM Morpho Bug #1473: taxon cov info not saved in tree
Fixed. Perumal Sambasivam
12:05 AM Morpho Bug #1463: citation dialog box needs repeating authors
fixed Perumal Sambasivam
12:04 AM Morpho Bug #1251: Wizard: Taxonomic Coverage Page
taxon page completed Perumal Sambasivam
12:03 AM Morpho Bug #1250: Wizard Attribute Page: allow enumerations to be populated from other tables (eg species lists)
Completed. Perumal Sambasivam


04:04 PM Morpho Bug #1445: morpho editor causes validation problem
fixed the code so that the "textFixed" element and the "textDelimited" element
are repeated instead of the "fieldWid...
Perumal Sambasivam

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