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ENM II - Prepare Spatial Layers for GARP layer input

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GARP calculation requires a set spatial layers in a custom format. {Each layer
is a custom format binary raster scaled to a byte value per grid point (.raw
files). The layer set is described by an XML file (
.dxl).Layer input data comes
in several formats and types. Types: climate data (e.g rainfall, average temp),
geographic (elevation, slope), mask (for limiting region considered)

In general, there are several steps (actors) that must be applied after the
initial data is located
1) custom format processing converting info to a standard GIS lat/long ascii
raster. This may be different for each data source
2) regridding to convert to the same grid size (number of points and spacing) as
other layers.
3) rescalng values of grid data points to byte range with missing data marked
4) Preparation of mask layer
5) Creation of summary *.dxl layer description.

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