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Incorporate combo boxes with pick lists in as many places as possible to minimize user typing and provide knowledge of acceptable choices

Added by Dan Higgins almost 18 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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(Suggested by Laura Downey)
Setting ports and actor parameters requires user typing in a number of places
where pick lists would avoid user errors. Setting all actor parameters (e.g.
name, ports info, etc. would be easier is a single dialog were used)

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Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 18 years ago

I'm working on a partial solution to this one by adding editable comboboxes
for the type and units to the port dialog. I agree that combining
the dialogs might be a good idea here, but my changes will not address that

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Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 18 years ago

I've modified so that
is uses editable combo boxes for the port types and units.
The type lattices is infinite when array, matrices and records are
added, so I only have examples of those types. The types names
themselves come from constants listed in data.expr.Const.
The unit lattice is also infinite, so I'm only adding a few
category types.

Rowland Johnson said:

A combo box with all the possible values for units expressions isn't really
possible, because, theoretically, there are an infinite number of such
expressions. The units field of the PortConfigurerDialog should accept any
valid units expression. Currently, a units expression that is entered via
the PortConfigurerDialog is first parsed to determine its validity.
Maybe a combo box that contains commonly used units expressions with the
capability to enter a units expression that isn't on the list might work.
Different domains could each have a different list. Just figuring out what
the domains are and the contents of each domain's list would be an
art-form/research project in itself.
The editable combo boxes verify the values when the focus moves,
so we no longer need to pop up a separate dialog for editing the name, type
or units.

Other fixes that would be nice:
1) If the user drags in an icon then
we should add to the units that are displayed in the combo box

2) Consider implementing a single dialog to configure the parameters
and port info.

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Updated by Redmine Admin almost 10 years ago

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