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consider guided analysis wizard

Added by Laura Downey almost 19 years ago. Updated almost 15 years ago.

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consider developing a guided analysis wizard -- this would be akin to teaching
someone how to build a simple workflow by offering various choices compatible
with their previous choice of actors -- for example if there is certain kinds
of data that work with certain kinds of algorithms etc.

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Updated by Matt Jones over 18 years ago

Its really not clear if this is possible in the general case. We may be able to
do something for specific cases. But not by the 1.0.0 release.

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Updated by Ferdinando Villa over 18 years ago

Further suggestions to improve the "new workflow" menu action as per conference
call on Nov 10, 2005:

1. "New Workflow" is highly intimidating to the novice; particularly the choice
of the proper director is critical. So I suggest that the New Workflow menu item
become a submenu, and that expand into a set of choices that will create empty
workflows, but with a director already set in them, and have understandable
names suggesting the model of computation adopted as "new dataflow", "new
discrete time simulation" etc. The last choice should be "New User-defined
workflow" that would create a totally empty new one.

2. The availability of fuller template workflows that guide the user in
performing common tasks would be very desirable. Templates would be partially
instantiated workflows with comments that suggest what actors to choose and why
to perform a task. E.g. "tabular data visualization" with predefined possible
visualization actors and comments suggesting how to search and retrieve data to
connect. Suggestion 1 and 2 actually would be performed the same way using a
simple template mechanism.

Overall, the menu structure could look like

New workflow > New Dataflow
New Discrete time Simulation
New User-defined workflow
New from template > ...<template 1>
...<template 2>

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