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Update Documentation for 2.0 release

Added by Chad Berkley about 13 years ago. Updated about 12 years ago.

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Need to update the Getting Started Guide, the user guide and the actor reference with new 2.0 features.

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#1 Updated by Chad Berkley about 13 years ago

I will take over as the editor of the documentation but will pass out various sections to others to author.

#2 Updated by Chad Berkley about 13 years ago

I finished going through all of the documentation in kepler-docs/outreach/documentation/working. I've made changes where I could and left notes about things that need to be checked up on. Several sections need to be looked at by those in charge of specific functionality. Specifically:

Section 1: Overview - minor changes - whoever makes these changes should also make changes to the GSG
Section 2: Installing and Running Kepler - probably the most work - Chad, David
Section 3: Scientific Workflows - fact/url checking
Section 4: Working with existing workflows - fact/url checking
Section 5: Building workflows with existing actors - fact/url checking
Section 6: Working with datasets - fact/url checking
Section 7: Using remote computing resources - fact/url checking
Section 8: Mathematical, Data Analysis, and Visualization packages - Mostly fact/url checking. Section 8.2 needs Ben's attention on the R details.
Section 9: Domain Specific Workflows - need specific input from Ilkay, Chad, whoever the current GEON rep is
Section 10: Glossary - just fact check. mostly nothing to do
Section 11: Writing your own actors - needs a bit of work. needs to be changed to use the build system instead of 'javac ...' - Probably Aaron, David or Chad could do this.
Appendix B: (Where appendix A is, I do not know...) - This section needs to be gone over by Ben extensively. It is all about R and RExpression workflows.

Most of my comments are along the line of "still works?" or "check url" Most sections just need to have links checked and demo workflows checked to make sure they still work. A small number of sections need to have more extensive re-writes.

I will create a bug for each of these sections and assign it to someone. If you don't feel you're the right person to do it, let me know and we can re-assign it.

#3 Updated by jianwu jianwu about 13 years ago

I will take care of <Section 7: Using remote computing resources>. One quick question: if we moved some actors (such as globus) out of Kepler 2.0 standard modules, the actors will still be introduced here and just specifying the corresponding module?

#4 Updated by Chad Berkley about 13 years ago

Thanks for volunteering, Jianwu. You've asked a good question, one that I hadn't thought of. I think we just need to say in the documentation that if the user wants this functionality, he/she needs to use the module manager to download it.

Which reminds me, we need to add a new section to the UM for modules and the module manager.

#5 Updated by Chad Berkley over 12 years ago

Assigning to Debi.

#6 Updated by debi staggs over 12 years ago

All of the screenshots and hyperlinks for the getting started guide have been updated.

#7 Updated by debi staggs over 12 years ago

Chapter One of the user's guide links and screen shots have been updated. Asking Chad to review section 1.4 Future Goals to mention the status of the development of a more modular system and new methods of configuration. We also still need someone with MatLab installed to test some of the examples.

#8 Updated by debi staggs over 12 years ago

All the screen shots have been updated and links checked. So, I think everything in the documentation is ready to go except for Chapters 11 & 12, which require some input from Aaron (Ch. 11) and David Welker (Ch. 12). Thanks !

#9 Updated by David Welker over 12 years ago

The three screenshots in Chapter 12 will have to be re-done once we have published. It should only take a few minutes and I will take care of it then. =)

#10 Updated by debi staggs about 12 years ago

Does everyone think we can close this bug now ?

#11 Updated by David Welker about 12 years ago

There are still some screen shots needed for the module manager chapter. Perhaps a good time to do those screen shots would be right after we do a mock release right before doing a real release.

#12 Updated by debi staggs about 12 years ago

Unless anyone has any objections, I am now closing this bug.

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