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ant change-to -Dsuite=kepler-2.0 checks out ptolemy from the head not the rel-8-0-beta-2 branch

Added by Christopher Brooks almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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How do I check out the 2.0 branch?

svn co build-area
cd build-area
ant change-to -Dsuite=kepler-2.0

Checks out the ptII head, not the rel-8-0-beta-2 branch

svn co svn+ssh:// ptolemy-8.0

This is critical because it means that anyone who is working on the
Kepler 2.0 branch is working from the Ptolemy head, not the 8.0 release.
The primary issue is that the Ptolemy head is larger than the 8.0 release.
Over time, a second issue will be that the Ptolemy head will evolve.

The way to check is to look at CURRENT_VERSION in VersionAttribute.jar:
bash-3.2$ grep CURRENT_VERSION kepler-2.0/ptolemy-8.0/src/ptolemy/kernel/attributes/
Iterator versionTuples = CURRENT_VERSION.iterator(); * if (VersionAttribute.CURRENT_VERSION.isLessThan(assumedVersion)) { * if (VersionAttribute.CURRENT_VERSION.compareTo(
public static final VersionAttribute CURRENT_VERSION;
CURRENT_VERSION = new VersionAttribute("8.1.devel");
"Failed to create CURRENT_VERSION: "

The above is the current ptII svn head.
Another way is to look at intro.htm:

bash-3.2$ grep Version kepler-2.0/ptolemy-8.0/src/ptolemy/configs/full/intro.htm
Ptolemy II Version 8.1.devel

If we had a build system test suite (bug #4260), then we could test for
this sort of problem.

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Updated by David Welker almost 14 years ago

This is not a build system issue, but instead an issue of how the kepler-2.0 suite is specified.

I have changed modules.txt so that it uses the URL:

for ptolemy-8.0.

Please note that I decided to do this in the modules.txt of the kepler-2.0 module instead of adding an entry to registry.txt of the build-area, although that would have worked as well.

Also, in kepler-2.0/module-info/modules.txt, it should be noted that the svn:// protocol is used. The svn+ssh:// protocol is impractical, since most Kepler developers do not have write access to the Ptolemy repository, but using svn+ssh requires the inputting of a password. For developers who want write access to the Ptolemy Realease 8 Beta 2 branch, it is necessary to change kepler-2.0/module-info/modules.txt manually to use the svn+ssh protocol instead of just the svn protocol.

A final point. I am in agreement with Christopher Brooks on the desirability of a developing a test suite for the build. However, such a suite would not help resolve issues such as this, as the issue of which branch of ptolemy to use for a particular suite is a matter of discretion for suite developers and there is no way to "test" the discretion of a suite developer to determine that there choice is "correct."

Nonetheless, the larger point about making a test suite for the build system is something I certainly agree with. The build system has matured far beyond the point where it is merely an ant script or meant to replace an ant script.

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