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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
7180 MetacatUI Bug Rejected Normal name from ORCID incorrectly parsed 04/12/2017 01:29 PM Actions
7179 MetacatUI Bug Resolved Normal incorrect password on KNB login causes tomcat error Lauren Walker 04/12/2017 08:01 AM Actions
7160 Metacat Bug Closed Normal replicationPolicy missing numberReplicas and replicationAllowed attributes Matt Jones 11/22/2016 03:15 PM Actions
7076 Metacat Support Closed Normal Migrate metacat build to use EML git repo Jing Tao 08/18/2016 11:32 AM Actions
7075 Morpho Support Closed Normal Migrate morpho build to use EML git repo Jing Tao 08/04/2016 04:15 PM Actions
7074 EML Support Resolved Normal migrate EML source code from SVN to GIT Matt Jones 10/06/2016 10:36 AM Actions
7057 MetacatUI Bug In Progress Normal incorrect display of non-ascii characters Lauren Walker 07/19/2016 12:31 PM Actions
6827 Metacat Task Closed Normal update SSL configuration directives ben leinfelder 07/29/2015 03:10 PM Actions
6799 MetacatUI Bug Resolved Normal publication date differs between search results and metadata view page Lauren Walker 07/16/2015 02:41 PM Actions
6793 Metacat Support In Progress High Update DOIs from KNB to redirect to view service ben leinfelder 01/25/2016 10:16 AM Actions
6783 MetacatUI Bug Resolved Normal dataset count starts at year 0 in DataONE theme Lauren Walker 06/29/2015 04:15 PM Actions
6677 Metacat Bug Closed Normal perl registry installation fails ben leinfelder 03/05/2015 01:14 PM Actions
6662 Metacat Bug Closed Normal Metacat fails large-file upload Matt Jones 02/10/2015 12:52 AM Actions
6643 Metacat Bug Closed Urgent EventLog.getD1Report does not correctly map event types Jing Tao 01/13/2016 02:54 PM Actions
6641 MetacatUI Feature New Normal add additional stats to #profile page Lauren Walker 01/19/2016 09:56 AM Actions
6584 Morpho Bug New High bug in validity of personnel element Jing Tao 08/14/2014 09:45 AM Actions
6574 EML Bug New Normal document use of ORCID ids in userId field Matt Jones 07/03/2014 11:11 AM Actions
6557 Morpho Feature Resolved Normal Add rendered metadata as pdf file in Morpho export Lauren Walker 11/12/2014 09:25 AM Actions
6546 Metacat Bug Resolved Normal old metacat URIs should redirect to #view service Lauren Walker 04/07/2015 11:28 AM Actions
6477 MetacatUI Bug Resolved Urgent install of MetacatUI at KNB root causes EML parser to fail ben leinfelder 03/21/2014 12:09 PM Actions
6457 MetacatUI Bug New High safari gives cert error and fails to load UI Lauren Walker 12/21/2015 04:07 PM Actions
6404 MetacatUI Feature Resolved Normal Add an API synopsis page that gives a quick overview of the DataONE API and other developer tools. Lauren Walker 11/09/2015 07:46 PM Actions
6392 Community Dynamics Toolbox Task New Normal Create workflow encapsulating Sid's analysis Matt Jones 01/16/2014 01:56 PM Actions
6391 Community Dynamics Toolbox Task New Normal document and upload Sid's data to a DataONE repository Corinna Gries 01/16/2014 01:55 PM Actions
6390 Community Dynamics Toolbox Task New Normal organize Sid's R scripts and data Sydney Jones 01/16/2014 01:54 PM Actions
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