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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2916 Bug Resolved Normal Planted Stem Data: Removing default on new line results in adding new record Michael Lee 08/29/2007 03:01 PM
2908 Bug Resolved Normal FirstTimeUser form improvements Michael Lee 08/24/2007 02:44 PM
2907 Bug Resolved Normal First time user button should move to left on main menu Michael Lee 08/17/2007 05:42 PM
2857 Bug Resolved Normal Extra message box displayed "About to update 1 row" on startup Michael Lee 06/02/2007 02:51 PM
2854 Bug Resolved Normal Data checking is redundant Michael Lee 05/25/2007 07:03 AM
2846 Bug Resolved Normal Allow easier deletion of rows in main data forms Michael Lee 06/01/2007 08:33 AM
2825 Bug Resolved Normal Unfolding data with invalid list of intensive modules doesn't properly exit Michael Lee 04/17/2007 04:59 PM
2821 Bug Resolved Normal presence not correct in R module on new unfolding code Michael Lee 04/16/2007 01:21 PM
2820 Bug Resolved Normal Auto-truncate values in stem form to nearest integer (big stems only) Michael Lee 06/01/2007 03:16 PM
2816 Bug Resolved Normal Try to migration without old temp tables Michael Lee 04/17/2007 08:30 AM
2815 Bug Resolved Normal remove user_entry table and use party instead Michael Lee 04/20/2007 11:43 AM
2814 Bug Resolved Normal Add file name to database title and/or main menu title Michael Lee 04/12/2007 05:05 PM
2811 Bug Resolved Normal Opening database fails when user in CVS_Entry_options isn't in user_entry Michael Lee 04/06/2007 03:52 PM
2802 Bug Resolved Normal Height error not specified in unfolding Michael Lee 04/16/2007 01:23 PM
2800 Bug Resolved Normal DBA screens do not check for header notes to be OK'd Michael Lee 04/16/2007 04:08 PM
2794 Bug Resolved Normal Test WinZip integration with various versions Michael Lee 03/09/2007 12:17 PM
2791 Bug Resolved Normal Out of Stack space (access 2000) Michael Lee 06/01/2007 11:13 PM
2778 Bug Resolved Normal Need better markers for empty plot vs no stems here. Michael Lee 04/16/2007 03:29 PM
2777 Bug Resolved Normal add to interface: Coordinates need more metadata Michael Lee 07/09/2007 12:33 PM
2774 Bug Resolved Normal RETEST: errors in individual stem migration Michael Lee 02/13/2007 03:44 PM
2773 Bug Resolved Normal function attempt to update nulls badly Michael Lee 02/12/2007 05:45 PM
2772 Bug Resolved Normal DBA: doesn't read planted stems when calculating plots without data Michael Lee 02/12/2007 05:49 PM
2762 Bug Resolved Normal Add "Ignore this Error" to logical error checking Michael Lee 06/01/2007 03:17 PM
2761 Bug Resolved Normal DBA screens not working well with smaller stems Michael Lee 02/12/2007 05:21 PM
2743 Bug Resolved Normal Message warning about compacting says the wrong thing Michael Lee 01/22/2007 04:50 PM
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