From 05/28/2006 to 06/26/2006


12:17 PM Bug #2472: Port locations not saved with Composites in 'Save in Library...'
This is fixed in the Ptolemy CVS head.
I refactored the code so I could do some testing, see
Christopher Brooks
12:07 PM Bug #2472 (Resolved): Port locations not saved with Composites in 'Save in Library...'
If one creates a composite actor with ports, and then uses the 'Save in Library...' menu to save the composite, the p... Dan Higgins
09:54 AM Bug #2471 (Resolved): 'Upload to Repository' menu throws an error
Attempts to use the 'Upload to Repository' popup menu throws the error
[java] repository initialized with put...
Dan Higgins


01:57 PM Bug #2470 (Resolved): Documentation Missing for some R-actors
The following RExpression-extended actors do not have any instance documentation included:
Dan Higgins


01:41 PM Bug #2464 (Resolved): Problem with displaying R graphics on Mac
In beta1, we note that for R graphics to work on the Mac, one needs to have X11 running prior to starting Kepler and ... Dan Higgins


02:49 PM Bug #2461 (Resolved): Add MetadataSource actor to tree
The MetadataSource actor has been around since June 2005 but apparently was never added to the actor tree when kar sy... Dan Higgins
02:10 PM Bug #2460: Zip Files actor does not appear in actor list
corrected by removing errors in src/actors/ZipFiles/ Dan Higgins
12:17 PM Bug #2460 (Resolved): Zip Files actor does not appear in actor list
The Zip Files actor does not appear anywhere in the actor tree in Beta1 release, apparently because src/actor/ZipFile... Dan Higgins
11:31 AM Bug #2459: Need for actor/attribute that detects OS/executables
I'll bet we could use the expression syntax to get properties and then
invoke ThrowModelError if things aren't right....
Christopher Brooks
11:24 AM Bug #2459 (In Progress): Need for actor/attribute that detects OS/executables
Some workflows will only work on certain operating systems or require certain executables outside of Kepler (e.g. JNI... Dan Higgins


04:24 PM Bug #2458 (Resolved): Search problems with multiple actor ontologies
In the Beta1 release, there are several actor ontologies that appear in the actor tree, including: 'Kepler Actor Onto... Dan Higgins
11:38 AM Bug #2412: Unable to Create Kar file from composite
Currently one can create a kar from a composite if the composite was originally created by dragging from the actor tr... Dan Higgins
11:34 AM Bug #2319: Ptolemy build problems
Currently there are not major problems here, so I am moving to post 1.0 release.
(Dan Higgins)
Dan Higgins
11:32 AM Bug #1836: data search and access problems via ecogrid
Although there are some performance issues, the ecogrid connection now seems much more robust. I am thus removing thi... Dan Higgins
11:26 AM Bug #2307: Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
Universal libraries for GARP JNI code on the Mac have been added to CVS. Still need to create libraries for the gdal ... Dan Higgins
11:02 AM Bug #2139: mollusc -> R -> plot WF for examples and documentation uses
There is now documentation for using the RExpression actor (in Kepler-docs/user/R_Actor_userdoc_draft.doc) that uses ... Dan Higgins
10:52 AM Bug #2143: fix functionality and GUI issues with query builder
newest (beta1) release resolves thess issues Dan Higgins
10:50 AM Bug #2043: create suite of common statistical actors using R
A suite of R statistical actors is now installed in the Beta1 release Dan Higgins


01:51 PM Bug #2307: Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
Mac JNI code for GARP has been created and included in distribution. Different libs for PowerPC and Intel chips. Stil... Dan Higgins
01:47 PM Bug #2398: change R home directory that is default of RExpression actor
default R home changed to .kepler Dan Higgins
01:45 PM Bug #2381: Problem with alpha9 MacOSX Installer build
problem fixed with the Beta1 installer; won't bother to go back and fix alpha9 version Dan Higgins
01:30 PM Bug #2323: Remove text added with "Attribute" actor from older workflows
Maybe we can create a filter that fixes the text
in the Ptolemy models so that it properly displays.
Is there a parti...
Christopher Brooks
01:26 PM Bug #2323: Remove text added with "Attribute" actor from older workflows
There are a number of Ptolemy example workflow that have the 'non-wrapping' attribute problem that we cannot fix. (i.... Dan Higgins


01:12 PM Bug #2450: consider better mechanism for navigating multi-level workflow
Interesting idea.
A couple more ideas:
1) There is a tab viewer in the ptII tree, try running
Christopher Brooks
12:21 PM Bug #2450 (New): consider better mechanism for navigating multi-level workflow
Consider providing a better mechanism for navigating up and down levels in a workflow. Right now every time a composi... Laura Downey
12:25 PM Bug #2452 (New): consider providing management console for workflow engineer
Consider providing a management console for the workflow engineer – for feedback and status during running of a wor... Laura Downey
12:24 PM Bug #2451 (New): consider providing data-centric/data management feature in Kepler
Consider providing a data-centric or data management feature within Kepler – something that provides comprehensive ... Laura Downey


11:07 AM Bug #2449 (New): Animate at Runtime... action only partially works
Not all actor in workflows are outlined when Animate at Runtime... menu is selected and time set to 1000 ms. Especial... Dan Higgins


06:19 PM Bug #2448: Splash screen sometimes appears as simple white box
The problem is that the splash screen is an attempted workaround for slow start
up time, which is partly addressed by...
Christopher Brooks

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