From 06/08/2008 to 07/07/2008


01:04 PM Bug #3440: add Up and Down buttons to change port order on an actor
Please consider the proposed actor and port configuration dialog changes that were proposed in previous design discus... Matt Jones
12:48 PM Bug #3440 (New): add Up and Down buttons to change port order on an actor
Changing port order on an actor is very frustrating -- if you want e.g. the fifth WEST input port to become the firs... Derik Barseghian
11:50 AM Bug #2960: Change RExpression actor to use meaningful graphic file output names
added a WorkflowExecutionListener that keeps track of currently executing workflows and provides the R Expression act... ben leinfelder


11:36 AM Bug #3277: Create reusable jython-based SelectionDialog actor to collect runtime parameters
SelectionDialog actor has been added to Kepler trunk
Need to rebuild kar lib in order to see the new actor.
Note that...
ben leinfelder


11:33 AM Bug #2964: Change RExpression plotting actors to allow custom axis and title labels
moving away from R-based attributes for this. should use the yet to be implemented metadata being added to Tokens ben leinfelder


06:38 PM Bug #3220: "Save" from TextEditor interferes with workflow save-before-closing prompt
This patch fixes the bug but it still needs to be integrated into the ptolemy tree before we close this out. Aaron Aaron
06:36 PM Bug #3220: "Save" from TextEditor interferes with workflow save-before-closing prompt
This patch improves the way TextEditorForStringAttributes handl...
Aaron Aaron


11:26 AM Bug #3408 (New): create icon for DDF Boolean Select
The current icon for DDF Boolean Select implies there are inputs 1..n. Daniel Crawl
11:20 AM Bug #3407 (New): reset debugging windows, add timestamps
The contents of the 'Listen to Port' and 'Listen to Actor' windows cannot be erased. It would be useful to erase them... Daniel Crawl


11:47 AM Bug #2493: actor repository tracking bug
I just played with the library page a bit, and had some problems. I can open separate bugs if you like:
- Repositor...
Derik Barseghian


11:36 AM Bug #3392 (New): Need scrollbars in Documentation > Customize Documentation window
When a workflow has many parameters, the customize documentation screen does not generate a scroll bar so that people... Kirsten Menger-Anderson


01:17 PM Bug #3388 (New): error running simihofi.xml workflow in Kepler 1.0.0
I get the following error when I first open the simihofi.xml workflow (though the workflow does run):
Error encoun...
Kirsten Menger-Anderson

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