From 01/13/2002 to 02/11/2002


05:56 PM Revision 928 (metacat): Please check it.
Jing Tao


01:04 PM Bug #41: consolidate methods for XML output
Much of this has been done in individual methods. No need to redesign those
methods at this point.
Matt Jones
11:12 AM Bug #258: upgrade to xerces 1.4.1 and test metacat
Consider more recent versions of Xerces as well, but note that Xalan may not
work in conjunction with Xerces2.
Matt Jones
08:10 AM Revision 927 (metacat): In order to fix bug 408 (authentication), some important variables' values
were followed. Jing Tao


10:00 AM Bug #417: Is sequential numbering of versions needed?
I think I agree. This feature is somewhat left over from when metacat did the
sequence number assignments. I think ...
Matt Jones
09:06 AM Bug #417 (Resolved): Is sequential numbering of versions needed?
Currently, version changes of documents must be sequentially numbered. This
means that someone working locally in Mo...
Dan Higgins
09:48 PM Bug #414: public key server for referral LDAP servers
We can add a flag - installedPublicKey to LDAP server. If theflag is true, this means its public key already was inst... Jing Tao
04:33 PM Bug #414 (Resolved): public key server for referral LDAP servers
Right now, all metacat servers point at for
authentication. When we turn on SSL, those serv...
Matt Jones


09:41 AM Bug #412: Detecting Test Packages on Metacat
Good idea. Recategorizing this to be a Metacat bug -- much easier to do this
from Metacat than in Morpho.
Matt Jones
09:16 AM Bug #412 (Resolved): Detecting Test Packages on Metacat
I was just trying to clear out a few of my old test packages and noticed that
several others had made test packages...
Eric Fegraus
09:10 AM Revision 926 (metacat): took my password out of the build file
09:09 AM Revision 925 (metacat): integrated the postgres and oracle properties into one build file. now, if you want to switch between oracle and postgres, you just change the 'depends' attribute in the 'init' target. also, I fixed the path to the servlet.jar file to match up with where tomcat now stores it (lib/common/servlet.jar instead of lib/servlet.jar).
06:03 PM Revision 924 (metacat): Modified the build file to point at the proper eml directory so that the
"getdtd" target can find the right files to be checked out. Matt Jones
04:57 PM Bug #411 (Resolved): package export feature
Metacat needs to be able to produce an exported version of a data package in the
same ZIP format that morpho creates...
Matt Jones


11:31 AM Revision 923 (metacat): Committed changes to the build file so that it properly copies the Xalan
jar files instead of the oracle xml parser which has been eliminated. Matt Jones
08:44 AM Bug #408: Authentication is by-passed when a client follows an LDAP referral
This is probably a problem in not handling referrals in AuthLdap.authenticate()
Matt Jones
10:02 PM Revision 922 (metacat): Added qformat parameter for switching css stylesheets.
Matt Jones
09:44 PM Bug #404: Create "CNAMEs" for LTER metcat and ldap
This is a convenience fix that I'll submit this week. These will initially point
to quark - a Sun Ultra 10 that will...
James Brunt


08:38 PM Revision 921 (metacat): Fixed bug in login.xsl that was preventing a successful xslt transform. Now
successful logins redirect correctly, unsuccessful ones redirect to the
login page again.
Matt Jones


01:14 AM Revision 920 (metacat): Set the qformat parameter so the stylesheets can use it for conditional
processing. Matt Jones
12:56 AM Revision 919 (metacat): Added new stylesheets for displaying the eml-attribute and eml-entity modules.
Matt Jones
06:07 PM Revision 918 (metacat): Changed the link urls in the eml-dataset display stylesheet to use the
default style-set as set in the build file rather than hard-coding the
value 'html'. This allows more flexibility in...
Matt Jones


03:28 PM Revision 917 (metacat): fixed error with dist target so that it now copies the source correctly
02:29 PM Bug #408 (Resolved): Authentication is by-passed when a client follows an LDAP referral
The LDAP database services the dc=ecoinformatics,dc=org
tree, but is extended by LDAP refer...
Chris Jones


10:29 AM Revision 916 (metacat): updated all of the returndoctypes so that emlbeta4 and emlbeta6 will show up in the resultset.
10:15 AM Revision 915 (metacat): fixed error I introduced when I got postgres working
08:51 AM Bug #407: ldapweb.cgi confusing wrt 'other' organizations
Fixed. Changed the label to 'unaffiliated' to match the value and what needs to
be entered into morpho.
Matt Jones
08:43 AM Bug #407 (Resolved): ldapweb.cgi confusing wrt 'other' organizations
From Dan Higgins:
I discovered that I need to set the organization to 'unaffiliated' in order
to login after cre...
Matt Jones


10:25 AM Revision 914 (metacat): changed dtd dir
10:02 AM Revision 913 (metacat): changed the datadir again
09:56 AM Revision 912 (metacat): changed datadir variable from install-dir to installdir


08:10 AM Bug #404: Create "CNAMEs" for LTER metcat and ldap
David -
I think you are a bit unclear on the concept. We're not creating a new domain
for the ldap server - we ar...
James Brunt


02:15 PM Bug #403: LDAP and LTER personnel password synchronization problems
Everything tested and working correctly. David Blankman
09:53 AM Bug #403 (Resolved): LDAP and LTER personnel password synchronization problems
Discovered that the the random password generator function in the new person entry script (entry
into sql server da...
David Blankman
11:24 AM Bug #404 (Resolved): Create "CNAMEs" for LTER metcat and ldap
Create CNAMEs:
suggested names: or, ...
David Blankman
11:06 AM Revision 911 (metacat): removed old properties
11:02 AM Revision 910 (metacat): fixed minor error
09:03 AM Bug #101: generate data set usage metadata/ provide access log
This information needs to be accessible to the data set owner (and possibly
others) through the Morpho interface and ...
Matt Jones
07:56 AM Revision 909 (metacat): made postgres db name independent from my name
07:54 AM Bug #303: replace oracle xslt with xalan xslt
replaced the oracle parser with xalan. All references to xmlparserv2.jar and its included classes have been removed. Chad Berkley


11:32 AM Revision 908 (metacat): we no longer need this jar file. all of its functionality was replaced by xalan.
11:31 AM Revision 907 (metacat): jar files for xalan
11:30 AM Revision 906 (metacat): updated metacat so that the xmlparserv2.jar file is no longer needed. replaced all of teh oracle xml processing with xalan and xerces.


02:43 PM Revision 905 (metacat): fixed typo in web.xml file
01:40 PM Revision 904 (metacat): updated the web.xml file. took out download servlet and marineservlet.
01:23 PM Revision 903 (metacat): jar files needed for metacat.
10:31 AM Revision 902 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
10:28 AM Revision 901 (metacat): created dummy versions of the oracle and postgres build files
10:26 AM Revision 900 (metacat): readded the oracle stuff to te build file
10:24 AM Revision 899 (metacat): made a ton of changes related to keeping oracle SQL code out of the main classes. fixed a bug where the timing of the index thread was off so when it went to index a document, the document was not already in xml_documents thus breaking the FK relation between xml_documents and xml_index. I think that bug might be the reason for the blank resultset screens in morpho. made the postgres implementation much more robust.


12:17 PM Revision 898 (metacat): updated postgres sql script so that it creates the same table structure as the oracle script. removed a bunch of \t tabs that were messing things up


03:24 PM Revision 897 (metacat): removed because this is no longer used. it was causing a compile error when using postgres because it directly imports the oracle driver.
03:14 PM Bug #278: Install production o=LTER LDAP Server
Passwords synchronized between Personnel database and ldap server. About 700 people in the LTER
database did not hav...
David Blankman


01:15 PM Revision 895 (metacat): updated for new release
09:35 AM Bug #398: error in handling '&' in response to queries
fixed by adding a 'normalize' method to MetaCatUtil and calling that every time data is added to the triples in the r... Chad Berkley
08:49 PM Bug #398 (Resolved): error in handling '&' in response to queries
There appears to be a problem in how Metacat handles entities like '&' in
responding to queries. If a data file name...
Dan Higgins
08:46 AM Revision 894 (metacat): fixed bug with ampersands in the returned relations in the resultset.


03:04 PM Revision 893 (metacat): added a manual timeout to counteract the hideously long ldap time out that is encountered when a referred ldap server is down.

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