From 08/29/2005 to 09/27/2005


05:00 PM Bug #1698: Secure replication method
Changing milestone to reflect its actual release in 1.6 Matt Jones
04:56 PM Bug #1236: enhancement to metacat: overall access controls
Changed milestone to properly reflect its release. Matt Jones
04:54 PM Bug #1238: postgresql JDBC config problem in metacat
Upgraded the driver to the Postgresql version 8 JDBC driver. Tested against
postgres 7.4 and still seems to work. M...
Matt Jones


03:20 PM Bug #2207 (Resolved): Advanced Search integration
Over the past year, the LTER Network Office has developed an Advanced Search web
application that uses the Metacat c...
Duane Costa


02:27 PM Bug #1698: Secure replication method
Add code to get user name and group in MetacatReplication class. Then check if
the user name is a admin when action i...
Jing Tao
01:57 PM Bug #2158: Metacat Performance on KNB: Bring the logging level down on ecoinfo.

Replacing debugMessage in metacat code with log4j methods for logging using the
following table:
Debug -- > 50
Saurabh Garg
01:21 PM Bug #1236: enhancement to metacat: overall access controls

Following access controls added in Metacat:
1. Administrators
2. User allowed to submit
3. User not allowed to subm...
Saurabh Garg


05:08 PM Bug #2168: Persisting delta-time replication setings in
In Option class in utilities module, a new method setOption was added. This
method can reset or add a property value ...
Jing Tao
04:09 PM Bug #2060: Documents not indexed because of error generated during indexing of documents

Moved the call to starting of indexing thread from endDocument to DocumentImpl
after commit has been done. ...
Saurabh Garg
02:23 PM Bug #2191: Functionality to specify who can and cannot use insert/update actions in Metacat

Saurabh Garg
09:42 AM Bug #2191 (Resolved): Functionality to specify who can and cannot use insert/update actions in Metacat
Modify Metacat to support allowed/denied submitters list. The metacat admin
should be able to specify in build.prop...
Saurabh Garg
08:32 AM Bug #2176: Moderator UI and functionality for ESA
I agree with all of the steps you outlined. However, the layout of the
moderation resultset was discussed as well. ...
Matt Jones


01:24 PM Bug #2152: Metacat Performace: Reduce size of xml_nodes table

This has been fixed. A new table is created in the Metacat schema where nodes
from old document revisions and delet...
Saurabh Garg
01:21 PM Bug #2082: Use of INSTR in SQL statements.

Saurabh Garg


10:17 AM Bug #2190 (Resolved): Metacat Spatial Option Admin Page
The Metacat Spatial Option needs an admin page so that the Metcat administrator
can administer the configuration of ...
John Harris
10:12 AM Bug #2189 (Resolved): Refactor skins so returnfield list comes from configuration
Refactor skins so returnfield list comes from cfg, so then both metacat and
mapserver can use this info to generate ...
John Harris
10:10 AM Bug #2188 (Resolved): replace web client with OpenLayers
The Metacat spatial viewer should support basic GIS functions such as panning,
zoomin, and selection and ordering of...
John Harris
10:08 AM Bug #2187 (New): Option to view map or metadata.
When the users issues a Metacat query, the user should be given the option of
seeing the results of the query within...
John Harris
10:05 AM Bug #2186 (Resolved): Customizable web map client
Currently, the spatial elements displayed within the Metacat spatial viewer are
lacking the standard information nee...
John Harris
10:01 AM Bug #2185 (Resolved): Package the Metacat spatial option independently
Metacat should be available with and without the spatial options -- Metacat
without the spatial options will, obviou...
John Harris
09:55 AM Bug #2184 (Resolved): Integrate into skins system
The Metacat spatial option(s) should be easily included in any skin, so that
individuals and organizations may easil...
John Harris
09:53 AM Bug #2183 (Resolved): use metacat events to trigger spatial element creation
Currently, the creation of spatial elements used within the Metacat spatial
viewer is done through a call to an exte...
John Harris
09:44 AM Bug #2182 (Resolved): Identifying point goes direct to metadata display
The user should be able to click on a point (and maybe a polygon) with in the
map viewer and have the metdata be dis...
John Harris
09:43 AM Bug #2181 (Resolved): Footprint based query
Currently, there is no way to submit a query based on a selected region of a
map. We need to be able to draw a box ...
John Harris
09:29 AM Bug #2180 (In Progress): Make it easier for admin to add new layers
Currently, to add new spatial layers to the metacat map server it requires a sys
admin type individual with some uni...
John Harris
09:25 AM Bug #2179 (Resolved): Fix harvesting script to get all points and boxes
Currently, the code that extracts spatial information from EML documents stored
in Metacat only grabs points and doe...
John Harris
08:55 AM Bug #2178 (Resolved): Evaluate java-based web mapping applinactions
Currently, Metacat works with MapServer, an
application that is used to display spatia...
John Harris
08:46 AM Bug #2172: & is replaced by &ampamp;

Fixed in MetaCatUtil.normalize()
Saurabh Garg
08:43 AM Bug #2081: Patch to set zip filename to docid

Added to the cvs. closing the bug.
Saurabh Garg
08:16 AM Bug #2176: Moderator UI and functionality for ESA
Correction in the previous description. This is not required:
'A new action should be created for moderator login? a...
Saurabh Garg


05:06 PM Bug #2176 (New): Moderator UI and functionality for ESA
Implement the moderator UI and functionality..(MODERATE) -- Sid
* replication issues - e.g. when a user tries to...
Saurabh Garg
11:37 AM Bug #2175 (Resolved): Metacat Performace: Upgrading hardware setup
Following things have to be done in regards to the upgrading of hardware setup
-> Have to install a new ESA metaca...
Saurabh Garg

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