From 11/09/2006 to 12/08/2006


10:10 AM Bug #2647: ESA registry doesn't have LTER in login dropdown menu
I've got some authors who have a dataset to register, but are waiting on this fix.
Margaret O'Brien


05:49 PM Bug #2689: Upgrade to Geoserver 1.4
Due to time constraints, I've upgrade to geoserver 1.4.0 RC5. It's the final release candidate and should be virtuall... Matthew Perry


04:38 PM Bug #2692 (Resolved): Use .jsp and reduce token usage in skins
The following skins (esa, nrs, obfs, nceas) should be updated to use .jsp and replace use of tokens as much as possib... Matthew Perry
04:31 PM Bug #2691 (Resolved): Update knbweb module to use map
The knbweb module needs to be integrated with our mapbuilder interface. Matthew Perry
04:29 PM Bug #2690 (Resolved): Fully document the spatial option
All aspects of installing, configuring and using the spatial option should be covered in the docs before the release. Matthew Perry
04:27 PM Bug #2689 (Resolved): Upgrade to Geoserver 1.4
The current (12/06/2006) cvs head uses an early beta of geoserver 1.4. Though it works flawlessly for our purposes, i... Matthew Perry
04:25 PM Bug #2548: Architecture for filtering features from WMS requests
Though this won't be fully implemented, it's important to have the basic architecture in place before the first relea... Matthew Perry
04:21 PM Bug #2670: Test Metacat version with updates does not link to the "create a new account" form
The knb skins included with metacat are not the official skins deployed on the knb website. The knbweb module contain... Matthew Perry
04:14 PM Bug #2370: add query and display support for BDP/FGDC metadata
An additional note: Since FGDC (and all non-EML documents) do not contain access constraints, there needs to be an ea... Matthew Perry
04:09 PM Bug #2511: Include an optional spatial dataset package
The high availability of WMS services precludes the need to distribute the raw geospatial datasets. For those with sl... Matthew Perry


05:26 PM Bug #2669: Mapbuilder incompatible w/ Safari, Opera
Added a javascript detection mechanism to the mapbuilder load sequence to detect the browser and redirect the user to... Matthew Perry
05:04 PM Bug #2554: Store the spatial data cache outside servlet context
An alternative solution was implemented: once the initial spatial harvest is completed, the "regenerateCacheOnRestart... Matthew Perry


09:29 AM Bug #2675 (Resolved): column "infinity" does not exist
When uploading certain xml files to metacat via the ecogrid, I get a message that says:
ERROR: column "infi...
Chad Berkley


01:48 PM Bug #2670 (Resolved): Test Metacat version with updates does not link to the "create a new account" form
This is not a bug for the production version of Metacat(1.6.0). The "Head" version of Metacat does not links to the f... Callie Bowdish
11:48 AM Bug #2669 (Resolved): Mapbuilder incompatible w/ Safari, Opera
Mapbuilder, our current web mapping client, uses the browser to do XSLT transforms on the client side. A number of br... Matthew Perry


09:57 AM Bug #2380: returnfield system needs to implement more xpath
this is a duplicate of another ecogrid bug. the query statement in sid's comment does not do what the query statemen... Chad Berkley


11:39 PM Bug #2566: need to set filename for download files
Also note that some clients, for example Morpho, use pretty meaningless filenames when uploading data. When Morpho i... Matt Jones
11:27 PM Bug #2566: need to set filename for download files
Partial fix checked in, definitely an improvement. Changed the filename that is used when data files are downloaded ... Matt Jones

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