From 01/31/2008 to 02/29/2008


10:03 PM Revision 3755 (metacat): Modify normolize method by adding code to handle < > ' and "
Jing Tao
05:04 PM Bug #3146: Include FGDC metadata in KNB and NCEAS skin search results
I have this working locally, but now that I think about it, it's on top of some other post-1.8.0 changes in metacat.
ben leinfelder
04:05 PM Revision 3754 (metacat): Remove an obsolete class.
Jing Tao
03:16 PM Revision 3753 (metacat): Remove an obsolete private method getPartNodeRecordList.
Jing Tao
03:14 PM Revision 3752 (metacat): Remove an obsolete class.
Jing Tao
01:47 PM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
Here is the 1.8.0 query base on xml_nodes(not specifying the search path):
SELECT docid,docname,doctype,date_created,...
Jing Tao
01:40 PM Bug #2155: Metacat Performace: Rewrite the xml_nodes queries
I played around Postgresql new feature - text search. Here are some results:
Using metacat 1.8.0 search query (base ...
Jing Tao
01:15 PM Revision 3751 (metacat): Add new code for xml_nodes table.
Jing Tao
11:01 AM Bug #3168 (Resolved): ESA problem with requesting revision
Failure in requesting revision of docid: esa.46.1 ( Unable to insert the review on Metacat for the docid:esa.46.1)
Callie Bowdish


05:30 PM Revision 3750 (metacat): Some script to generate text search vector.
Jing Tao
02:33 PM Revision 3749 (metacat): Add timeout parameter for searching user name. If some exception happens, it wouldnot throw it, just print it out.
Jing Tao
02:31 PM Revision 3748 (metacat): Add a junit test for test AuthLdap. Currently we have getPrincipals test.
Jing Tao
11:36 AM Revision 3747 (metacat): *** empty log message ***
Jing Tao


02:11 PM Revision 3746 (metacat): display the docid.
also just display the publication date as is since the existing parsing made too many assumptions about how the date ... ben leinfelder
11:00 AM Revision 3745 (metacat): use $sessionid to determine if the edit boxes are shown
ben leinfelder
10:31 AM Revision 3744 (metacat): reuse the fgdc-root.xsl for both nceas and sanparks skins (it is included in different containing stylesheets)
note: still need to pin down the switch that [dis]allows editing of the the files ben leinfelder
10:08 AM Revision 3743 (metacat): use contextURL parameter so that the "shortform" url for looking at documents actually works and pulls in the correct js and css files
ben leinfelder
09:43 AM Revision 3742 (metacat): add support for FGDC doctype display
ben leinfelder
08:42 AM Revision 3741 (metacat): if there is no clientViewBean in the session, insert a new one - saves us from nullPointerException when using this in skins that may not be aware of the bean uses.
ben leinfelder
08:41 AM Revision 3740 (metacat): ignore commented out DOCTYPE declarations (don't force validation on them)
ben leinfelder


10:58 AM Revision 3739 (metacat): Get rid of the ant tokens and the relative paths by using the context url and cgi prefix provided by the settings.jsp.
Now the "short form" of urls will work with the iframe skins. sanparks and saeon can also be set as the "default" sk... ben leinfelder
10:55 AM Revision 3738 (metacat): include the contextURL parameter that is now being passed in by the DBTransform class.
pass this value to the javascript that assembles the iframes ben leinfelder
10:54 AM Revision 3737 (metacat): check for a leading "/" in the path when prepending the server context url.
we don't want to step on toes of people that are using "semi" relative paths (they leave out the server part, but pro... ben leinfelder
10:23 AM Revision 3736 (metacat): add debug statements so it's clear what transformer parameters are being passed
ben leinfelder


05:16 PM Revision 3735 (metacat): Use dev=1 replace dev like '1'. since postgres 8.3 doesn't support it.
Jing Tao
01:10 PM Revision 3734 (metacat): -use jsp rather than html files so hat the server context can be looked up on the fly (as well as additional options from the MetacatUtil class).
-incorporate the use of relative paths in the XML configuration (doctype=>stylesheet mapping)
Note: still using ant ...
ben leinfelder
01:07 PM Revision 3733 (metacat): include contextURL and cgi-prefix as parameters in all the transforms (initially used for nceas skin to remove ant tokens in the XSL files....but will be used by other skins as they are converted away from at tokens)
ben leinfelder
10:26 AM Revision 3732 (metacat): use cgi-prefix from build properties to configure the default skin for login.
removed hardcoded "" reference in the jsp and reads it from the file.
ben leinfelder


03:52 PM Revision 3731 (metacat): Add debug info for special charater.
Jing Tao
03:16 PM Revision 3730 (metacat): Remove the relation query.
Jing Tao


10:02 AM Revision 3729 (metacat): use the servlet context path to construct absolute paths to the various file locations
ben leinfelder
10:01 AM Revision 3728 (metacat): add servletContextUrl to make absolute paths from relative paths when constructing skins from the js/iframe template
ben leinfelder
10:01 AM Revision 3727 (metacat): add portnumber if not using 80
ben leinfelder


07:41 PM Revision 3726 (metacat): Change the relative path to use a function getServerName+getPortNumber+getContextPath. But there is still problem in default.js.
Jing Tao
07:38 PM Revision 3725 (metacat): Add server url to system id.
Jing Tao


04:50 PM Revision 3724 (metacat): Skeleton for data insertion script. Also added documentation to Metacat
library. Matt Jones


11:41 AM Bug #3146 (Resolved): Include FGDC metadata in KNB and NCEAS skin search results
Configure the searches for both the KNB and the NCEAS skin to return FGDC doctypes
This requires editing the path...
ben leinfelder


04:49 PM Revision 3723 (metacat): MOdified query passing, and default cache location.
Matt Jones
03:53 PM Revision 3722 (metacat): Initial script for downloading and caching data entities associated
with an EML document that is stored in Metacat. Matt Jones
11:41 AM Bug #3142 (New): metacat client uses in-memory buffer for posting data
The size of XML files (and probably data files) that can be sent to metacat is memory limited in client applications ... Matt Jones
11:12 AM Bug #2732: Data Catalog Map is slow when selecting
Changes were made so that the Spatial query of data packages must be fully contained by the selection bounding box in... Callie Bowdish


12:31 PM Revision 3721 (metacat): Improved the javadoc documentation for the upload() methods to clarify what upload() does and contrast it to insert() and update().
Matt Jones
12:01 PM Bug #3139 (Resolved): Add upload method into Metacat tour
upload method is not list in Metacat tour(
We need to...
Jing Tao


10:34 AM Bug #3137 (Resolved): The query example in metacatquery.html document need to be changed
Here is the example in that page:
The Pathquery Document
<pathquery version="1.0">
Jing Tao


09:29 AM Bug #3104: provide accessor for organization lists for clients to build login widgets
One more thing to think about: does it make sense to provide an EcoGrid interface for getting these organizations? ... ben leinfelder


12:22 PM Bug #3104: provide accessor for organization lists for clients to build login widgets
benMac: check out metacat's "public class AuthLdap implements AuthInterface"
in "package edu.ucsb.nceas.metacat"
it d...
ben leinfelder


11:21 AM Revision 3720 (metacat): Turnkey installer modification: replaced and tokens with relative paths.
10:55 AM Revision 3719 (metacat): Turnkey installer modification: created HeaderViewDocs.jsp as a replacement for HeaderViewDocs.htm, because a call to MetacatUtil to get CGI-PREFIX is needed.
Also replaced and tokens with relative paths. barteau
10:25 AM Revision 3718 (metacat): Turnkey installer modification: created ESAHeader.jsp as a replacement for ESAHeader.htm, because a call to MetacatUtil to get CGI-PREFIX is needed.
Also replaced and tokens with relative paths. barteau


12:17 PM Bug #3114 (Resolved): refactor skins to get organization list from metacat getOrganizations() function
The organization lists in the skins and other metacat clients are often not properly updaed to reflect changes in the... Matt Jones
12:09 PM Bug #3113 (Resolved): Metacat performance: saves from mopho are slow
According to Callie Bowdish, saving or updating data packages takes around 3 minutes from Morpho, even after the fixe... Matt Jones
12:06 PM Bug #2805: Metacat Performance: updates from Morpho of data packages are taking longer than five minutes
I'm closing this bug, as it was used to document changes that were released with the 1.7.1 release and so should not ... Matt Jones
11:53 AM Revision 3717 (metacat): Turnkey installer modification: replace ant tokens with relative paths. Corrected path to css file.

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