From 04/20/2009 to 05/19/2009


05:49 PM Bug #4083: Metacat doesn't declare XML document encoding
Perhaps a couple of separate issues:
1. We should be explicit about encoding in the XML documents, so that parsers c...
Shaun Walbridge
05:08 PM Bug #4083: Metacat doesn't declare XML document encoding
Even with storing the "original" document you have to be aware of the encoding when writing to the Metacat file syste... ben leinfelder


04:58 PM Bug #4085: The session couldn't be kept after login through devtools.html
what if you omit the "sessionid=" form the query string? seems like passing in a blank would confuse the other sessio... ben leinfelder
04:29 PM Bug #4085 (Rejected): The session couldn't be kept after login through devtools.html
<jing> i went to this page:
<jing> logged in succes...
Jing Tao
07:05 PM Bug #4083: Metacat doesn't declare XML document encoding
This needs further discussion. Metacat itself shouldn't be changing the encoding. It should, however, properly accep... Matt Jones
06:26 PM Bug #4083 (Resolved): Metacat doesn't declare XML document encoding
When generating EML documents, Metacat doesn't include the encoding. Currently, the Registry expects its documents to... Shaun Walbridge


08:39 AM Revision 4943 (metacat): Begin development for Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem
Duane Costa


03:41 PM Bug #4044 (New): start time replication command doesn't work on replControl.html of dev skin
Today, Chris Jones reported that the timed replication doesn't work between knb and psico metacats. I checked the met... Jing Tao
11:47 AM Bug #4043 (Closed): lack of eml-access tree prohibits the doc owner from viewing
This might be a question, rather than a bug.
This document was added to metacat v1.9.0 (at lter): sbc_eml210_test.1....
Margaret O'Brien
11:26 AM Revision 4942 (metacat): fixed TOC page numbers.
11:24 AM Revision 4941 (metacat): removed old files.
11:19 AM Revision 4940 (metacat): pdf of Admin Guide
11:18 AM Revision 4939 (metacat): checked paging and made a couple small fixes.


04:26 PM Revision 4938 (metacat): Removed old versions of guide and outline.
04:23 PM Revision 4937 (metacat): Renamed Admin Guide to remove Draft from file name. Also made changes to LSID section.
12:50 PM Revision 4936 (metacat): In AuthSession, I've modified the formatOutput() method to include both the email and organization values found in the userInfo array. On successful login(), this changes the returned xml to include <email> and <organization> elements if they exist in the userInfo array. This information is useful to web client applications that need to show login status beyond just the users full name.
Chris Jones
10:28 AM Revision 4935 (metacat): Added LSID description to guide.
Matt Jones


04:50 PM Bug #4027 (Closed): JSESSIONID is not expiring, causing a security risk
The session ids used by Metacat are currently configured to timeout after 30,000 minutes, or ~3 weeks. This should pr... Shaun Walbridge
03:07 PM Revision 4934 (metacat): include IO::Socket:SSL requirement (needed for LDAP TLS support with ldapweb.cgi)


04:22 PM Bug #4023 (New): In sanparks skin, Geographic Description Required
In the sanparks skin, the geographic description is required. It should have and asterisk beside it, and register-da... Michael Daigle
09:35 AM Revision 4933 (metacat): Add redirect to skins directory.


10:24 AM Bug #3886: Metacat perfomance analysis
Made a fix to the way the FileUtil reads in files. Otherwise, the monitors made it look like tomcat was using more m... Michael Daigle
09:05 AM Revision 4932 (metacat): include the "mock up" search fields
ben leinfelder


11:32 AM Revision 4931 (metacat): Removed CVS and added LSID installation instructions (untested).


09:11 AM Revision 4930 (metacat): added title page and updated replication instructions.

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