From 11/24/2009 to 12/23/2009


12:14 PM Bug #4637: Metacat Harvester fails to catch some insert and update failures
Resolved with the following update:
Author: costa
Date: 2009-12-21 12:10:29 -0800 (Mon, 21 Dec 2009)
New Revision: 5...
Duane Costa
12:10 PM Revision 5169 (metacat): Fix for Bug #4637 - Metacat Harvester fails to catch some insert and update failures. As per comments in the bug entry, the Metacat Harvester logic has been modified to examine the Metacat client return string to confirm that it contains the substring "<success>" following an insert or update operation. It no longer considers just the absence of an exception as indicative of a successful operation.
Duane Costa


05:57 PM Bug #4641 (Resolved): must support java 1.6
Metacat currently runds under java 1.5.x, which is now at end-of-life for support. We must support JDK 1.6.x in the ... Matt Jones
01:39 PM Revision 5168 (metacat): log connection warnings only when thresholds are exceeded. Add method names to log output
01:37 PM Revision 5167 (metacat): add method name to log statements
01:36 PM Revision 5166 (metacat): fix spelling of word additional
01:26 PM Revision 5165 (metacat): add method name to log messages and create configured thresholds for warning messages
01:22 PM Revision 5164 (metacat): add parc-moderators to config.username


11:34 AM Bug #4637 (Resolved): Metacat Harvester fails to catch some insert and update failures
Metacat Harvester is not catching all insert and update errors.
Recently at LTER, there have been a handful of do...
Duane Costa


12:20 PM Bug #4627: [ESA] Update fails when document rev number is missing
As I understand it, some things we discussed:
* A quick fix would be modify the registry code so that if the rev num...
Jim Regetz
12:16 PM Bug #4627 (Resolved): [ESA] Update fails when document rev number is missing
For ESA, when the moderator action is "revise", an email is sent to the submitter. This message contains a link to ed... Jim Regetz


12:59 PM Revision 5163 (metacat): I've added the PARC and PISCO organizations to the delete and confirm form templates for the data registry application.
Chris Jones


11:54 AM Revision 5162 (metacat): Change log levels where appropriate and add class/method name to output.
11:01 AM Revision 5161 (metacat): Change warn messages to info
08:46 AM Bug #4616 (Resolved): Timed Replication takes many hours and drives the load up on KNB
Timed replication can more than 12 hours lter and almost that long for PISCO.
During that time, the load on the ma...
Michael Daigle


08:52 PM Bug #4612: EML file content out of sync with metacat
Yeah, I should have been clearer. I'm pretty sure I did something wrong with the actor in Kepler, but I wanted to ra... Oliver Soong
08:44 PM Bug #4612: EML file content out of sync with metacat
Please provide more information on what you were trying to do with the EcoGrid put actor, what precisely wen...
Matt Jones
04:46 PM Bug #4612 (Rejected): EML file content out of sync with metacat
This is on Search for soong_test. There should be 2 entries for "soong_test 1". One has ID soo... Oliver Soong
04:31 PM Bug #4611 (New): searching for soong_test seems to return entries with "soong test" as well as soong_test
I'm not sure if this is a "feature" or not. It surprised me. Searching for "soong test" only returns the expected e... Oliver Soong
04:28 PM Bug #4610 (New): trying to register a dataset when logged in asks for another authentication
I log into KNB, then go to Register your dataset online, and it says I must register. The register dataset page seem... Oliver Soong
04:23 PM Bug #4609 (New): when viewed with saved credentials, KNB homepage shows blank entries
I sign into the KNB, then close the window (but not the browser). The cookie persists, so when I go back to the KNB ... Oliver Soong
11:40 AM Revision 5160 (metacat): beef up error log messages
11:39 AM Revision 5159 (metacat): Make sure session data exists before extracting information
11:39 AM Revision 5158 (metacat): Separate code to do tls and non-tls authentication. Introduce AuthTLSException to make error handling easier.
10:20 AM Revision 5157 (metacat): Beefed up the logging
09:23 AM Revision 5155 (metacat): remove registry.config.username value


04:03 PM Revision 5154 (metacat): Start to flesh out the eclipse metacat setup document
04:01 PM Revision 5153 (metacat): Create some basic workflow scheduler system installation documents


08:12 AM Bug #4602 (New): Enable TLS for all LDAP functions
Currently TLS is only enabled for authentication in LDAP. Secure systems like the PARC LDAP need TLS for all appropr... Michael Daigle


03:12 PM Revision 5152 (metacat): When comparing lat and long ranges, make sure the values have content first. Perl values with no content = 0.


04:00 PM Revision 5151 (metacat): Change add sql to use a prepared statement. Only try to download a cert if a url was provided.
03:59 PM Revision 5150 (metacat): change unregister error message to be an info message
03:58 PM Bug #4594: Cannot insert replication server via gui
Change the sql to use a prepared statement, which works.
Only attempt to download cert if a url was provided.
Michael Daigle
02:27 PM Bug #4594 (Resolved): Cannot insert replication server via gui
When attempting to add a replication record via the gui at
Michael Daigle
02:01 PM Bug #4588: Install parc metacat
Correction, replication row in knb is:
insert into xml_replication (server, replicate, datareplicate, hub)
Michael Daigle
01:29 PM Bug #4588: Install parc metacat
For one way replication from parc to knb, ran the following sql:
insert into xml_r...
Michael Daigle
11:02 AM Bug #4588: Install parc metacat
requested this account be created in parc ldap by Peter Ersts.
Michael Daigle
10:38 AM Bug #4588: Install parc metacat
in, changed auth.moderators since these get added by the registry to doc access:
Michael Daigle
09:32 AM Bug #4588: Install parc metacat
Added the following section to /etc/http/conf.d/ssl.conf to enable ssl. Note that the cert was already purchased and... Michael Daigle
12:45 PM Revision 5149 (metacat): fix file name reference for skin configuration file
10:40 AM Revision 5148 (metacat): added a commented out line for auth.moderators for the parc system. This will get uncommented on the parc system and the existing auth.moderators will be commented out.
07:22 AM Revision 5147 (metacat): I've removed the value for the PARC property since it isn't appropriate to this skin, and causes the registry CGI to produce two organization creator elements with the same value.
Chris Jones


10:15 AM Revision 5146 (metacat): hard code parc home url
10:03 AM Revision 5145 (metacat): Redirect to parc skin


04:24 PM Bug #4588: Install parc metacat
Installation complete Michael Daigle
04:23 PM Bug #4588 (Resolved): Install parc metacat
installed PARC metacat on Here are the steps I took:
mkdir /var/parc
chown webuser:we...
Michael Daigle
11:08 AM Revision 5144 (metacat): I've added the PARC organization to the login form template.
Chris Jones
11:02 AM Revision 5143 (metacat): I've replaced hard-coded URL strings in the PARC skin files with their appropriate variables in JSP, TT2, and XSL.
Chris Jones
09:58 AM Revision 5142 (metacat): This updates the Registry login form to handle PARC logins. I've changed the template to load the PARC header and footer if the cfg = parc.
Chris Jones


10:40 AM Revision 5141 (metacat): added parc to list of available skins.


12:28 PM Revision 5139 (metacat): Fix errors in workflow scheduler unit test
12:26 PM Revision 5138 (metacat): Create database scripts for workflow scheduler
12:25 PM Revision 5137 (metacat): Do not register the session service

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