From 09/27/2011 to 10/26/2011


06:59 PM Bug #5520 (Resolved): Create replication integration test suite
Replication integration tests should include:
-force replication between two servers -- A, B (write, update, delete)...
ben leinfelder
06:31 PM Bug #5519 (Resolved): Replicated data files are 0 bytes
We set up 2-way replication between PPBio and PELD (Brazilian Metacat instances) and have since seen that the replica... ben leinfelder


04:30 PM Bug #2084: Pathquery support for temporal search on date fields
This should be in 2.0.0 since it is already in the trunk. The upgrade script is the only thing I am worried about -- ... ben leinfelder
04:11 PM Bug #5262: EML document owner can't read the document
Probably solution is to use Java's canonicalization routines to normalize the DN, as Ben has done on the DataONE DNs.... Matt Jones
03:59 PM Bug #5244: ldapweb.cgi shouldn't report ou=Account accounts since they're unusable
Need to check with Shaun if this is actually fixed. Matt Jones
03:54 PM Bug #4651: data packages losing data tables (and then finding them again)
Unable to replicate. Please reopen if more details emerge. Matt Jones
03:48 PM Bug #4442: Spatial indexing should not run and block metacat
Related to bug #3811. Matt Jones
03:47 PM Bug #5518 (In Progress): Track down the performance issue of metacat query.
Matt queried knb with the word "water". It took one minute and half. We need to figured out why it so slow. Jing Tao
03:46 PM Bug #3811: Spatial caches should be backed up and restored
Decided that its best to move these files to /var/metacat by default. Matt Jones
03:44 PM Bug #5234: Replication -- user does not have permission to update access rule for data file
In v1.9.5 we use a null replication user to perform replication (rather than the user_owner from the xml_documents ta... ben leinfelder
03:17 PM Bug #4900: LDAP referral connection timeout
Decided that #3 is not feasible since accounts may be in groups defined on various LDAP servers. ben leinfelder
01:20 PM Bug #5517 (Resolved): mark EcoGrid and Servlet APIs as deprecated
EcoGrid and Servlet APIs in metacat are being replaced (gradally) by the DataONE services. Mark these older APIs as ... Matt Jones
01:19 PM Bug #5516 (Resolved): continue updating user documentation
Documentation needs editing to describe new 2.0.0 features, including support for new DataONE APIs, deprecation of ol... Matt Jones
01:15 PM Bug #5515 (Resolved): change version to 2.0.0 in prep for release
To prepare for the release, change te version number to 2.0.0 for all documentation, including README, Sphinx docs, etc. Matt Jones
01:01 PM Bug #5288: Metacat got "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" after new geoserver update
Not sure if there is an action here. Maybe add this information to the Metacat documentation/faq? Matt Jones
12:47 PM Bug #4083: Metacat doesn't declare XML document encoding
I think these encoding issues have been fixed by Ben in trunk, but we need to discuss it to see if anything further n... Matt Jones
12:38 PM Bug #1601: Metacat will add default value for optional parameter into eml 2 document
Marking as complete, because the read problem is fixed based on now reading original from disk. The insert problem i... Matt Jones
12:34 PM Bug #4275: Earthgrid REST API Implementation
Task now being handled via #5011 DataONE service API implementation. This original work on interfaces has been obsol... Matt Jones
12:17 PM Bug #5514: implement DataONE service API
Duplicate bug to #5011. Matt Jones
12:15 PM Bug #5514 (Resolved): implement DataONE service API
Support the new DataONE service API for interoperable data repositories:
Matt Jones
12:10 PM Bug #5513 (Resolved): add support for DOI identifiers from EZID
DOI identifiers can be created through the EZID service run by the California Digital Library. See:
Matt Jones


04:06 PM Bug #5499: citation format odd for metacat data sets
There isn't a community standard as far as I know. There are people working on proposing such a standard (DataCite, ... Matt Jones


06:22 PM Bug #5499: citation format odd for metacat data sets
Inclusion of the institution seems appropriate for a dataset citation. Granted, it is not in journal article citatio... gastil gastil


07:39 PM Bug #5497: metacat accepts eml docs that fail knb parser
This sample EML document is using single quotes around the EML namespace (which should be valid) but Metacat was only... ben leinfelder


09:24 PM Bug #5499 (Resolved): citation format odd for metacat data sets
Submitting on behalf of Gail... I agree with her assesment -- what are we rendering citations this way. Somehow this... Matt Jones

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