From 01/10/2013 to 02/08/2013


05:41 PM Task #5820: Incorporate DataONE indexing
The biggest obstacle to integrating D1 code directly is decoupling from Spring. Thankfully a lot of it is just name-v... Brendan Hahn


04:05 PM Bug #5840: Implement MN.generateIdentifier with UUID scheme
This is in trunk now. See related bug re:DOI and reserving identifiers so that they are not handed out again. ben leinfelder


03:38 PM Bug #5753: Implement mn.generateIdentifier()
This needs more attention. ben leinfelder
03:37 PM Bug #5840 (Resolved): Implement MN.generateIdentifier with UUID scheme
This method needs work -- it generates an identifier with fragment.timestamp and uses "autogen" if the fragment is no... ben leinfelder


10:17 AM Bug #5837 (Rejected): Strings
Source is infested with hard-coded strings, many duplicated. Should be resources. Brendan Hahn
10:16 AM Bug #5836 (New): Logs
Logs are kind of a mess, mixing multiple logging object types along with System.* output. Metacat has its own log dir... Brendan Hahn
09:44 AM Bug #5835 (New): Leaks
There are significant memory leaks that will eventually hang or kill the application server if metacat is restarted w... Brendan Hahn
05:14 PM Bug #5833 (Closed): Temporary files aren't
Detritus accumulates in the 'temporary' directory. Output files generated by read requests may persist for the lifeti... Brendan Hahn
04:49 PM Bug #5832 (Closed): Old libraries
Most or all of the libraries used by Metacat are substantially out of date; many are deprecated or unsupported. Brendan Hahn


03:05 PM Bug #5830 (New): Deployment directory incorrect
Metacat stores its deployment directory in, where the value can lose sync with the actual deployme... Brendan Hahn
02:58 PM Bug #5828 (New): docids not validated
Externally provided document identifiers are not always checked for syntax (e.g. multipart-form submission) and produ... Brendan Hahn


10:42 PM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
Spoke with Gastil -- we're good for this round of edits. ben leinfelder
04:04 PM Bug #5816: REST for Lucene index
Not needed; SOLR/D1 interface only Brendan Hahn


03:36 PM Task #5822 (Resolved): Enforce access control for SOLR-based search implementation
Ensure that search results are filtered for clients access permissions. Brendan Hahn
02:13 PM Bug #5821: Allow certificate-based Metacat administration
We could probably have the LDAP and certificate-based auth schemes coexist for some time. Would take some doing in th... ben leinfelder
02:12 PM Bug #5821 (New): Allow certificate-based Metacat administration
As we move toward the DataONE API where the MN does not provide identity and authorization services, perhaps the Meta... ben leinfelder
01:55 PM Task #5820 (Resolved): Incorporate DataONE indexing
Have Lucene/SOLR indexing follow DataONE schema, ideally incorporating D1 code directly. Brendan Hahn
01:55 PM Task #5819 (Resolved): MN query for SOLR
Make SOLR available via DataONE MN query interface Brendan Hahn
01:54 PM Bug #5818 (Resolved): SOLR deployment on Lucene index
Enable optional deployment of SOLR interface to Lucene index Brendan Hahn
01:54 PM Bug #5817 (Resolved): MN query for Lucene index
Make Lucene index available via DataONE MN query interface Brendan Hahn
01:54 PM Bug #5816 (Resolved): REST for Lucene index
Make Lucene index available via REST Brendan Hahn
01:54 PM Bug #5815 (Resolved): Integrate Lucene indexing
Add a Lucene index and query interface for metacat docs. Brendan Hahn
12:51 PM Bug #5814 (Resolved): Test CILogon-to-LDAP account mapping utility
The "dataone" skin includes an account mapping utility that allows you to simultaneously login to Metacat using your ... ben leinfelder
12:44 PM Bug #195: allow metacat to store files on multiple fs
Multiple directories in the same fs should also be supported. See the duplicate bug #5813 for details. Matt Jones
12:43 PM Bug #5813: Partition document storage on filesystem
This is a dupluciate of the longstanding bug #195. Matt Jones
12:35 PM Bug #5813 (Resolved): Partition document storage on filesystem
There has been concern that ALL xml documents and revisions are saved into a single directory on the filesystem. Ther... ben leinfelder
12:30 PM Bug #5812 (Closed): Rework default skin[s] to use SOLR query
The default skin should showcase the speed and easy of use of the SOLR query implementation. We really want this as a... ben leinfelder
12:28 PM Story #5811 (Closed): Redesign KNB look and feel
Not necessarily a "Metacat" bug, but we will likely want to include the KNB skin in Metacat with an updated look and ... ben leinfelder
12:26 PM Feature #5810 (Closed): Implement SOLR-based search
This will be an implementation of the DataONE MNQuery() methods. ben leinfelder
12:25 PM Bug #2792: KNB home link needed on the Map Page
We should include this in the overall redesign ben leinfelder
12:13 PM Bug #2986: No need for restart tomcat after modifying
I don't think this is possible since the properties in control everything. Say we changed the DB i... ben leinfelder
12:09 PM Bug #2690: Fully document the spatial option
We have a section about using it and one about configuring it. Plus all the Geoserver docs are applicable for advance... ben leinfelder
12:06 PM Bug #5176: Configuration to disable writing/updating/deleting function on metacat, but allow reading/querying
We can't really do this since we need to log all activity even if it is read-only activity. ben leinfelder
12:05 PM Bug #3397: metacat needs server side sort mechanism
This should come with the SOLR implementation. ben leinfelder
11:58 AM Bug #2985: Expand public access flag to the whole ACL
You can access the complete ACL through both the Metacat API and the DataONE SystemMetadata. This should have been cl... ben leinfelder
11:56 AM Bug #1984: add support for LSID identifiers
Agreed. LSIDs are dead. We need to maintain our ability to find existing content from the ESA skin based on its LSI... Matt Jones
11:52 AM Bug #1984: add support for LSID identifiers
Given our D1 API and DOI support, I believe we have gone a different direction with this. Please comment then close. ben leinfelder
11:49 AM Bug #2190: Metacat Spatial Option Admin Page
We expose all of Geoserver as a standalone webapp that can be customized to the sky. This was done as part of the 2.0... ben leinfelder
11:45 AM Bug #5518: Track down the performance issue of metacat query.
Moving this along with the 2.1 bugs because we are still supporting old Metacat query. We do want people to start usi... ben leinfelder
11:43 AM Bug #5522: download linked KNB data and convert links in EML to ORE packages
Are we committed to doing this? LTER was going to be a major source for new data, but perhaps plans have changed. Rev... ben leinfelder
11:41 AM Bug #5513: add support for DOI identifiers from EZID
We still haven't done everything in that "decision" list -- should also revisit it. ben leinfelder
11:38 AM Bug #5516: continue updating user documentation
Gastil, are there any more modifications you want to get into the user docs? Thanks! ben leinfelder

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