From 10/18/2015 to 11/16/2015


04:51 PM Revision 9408 (metacat): Add more statement to debug the query performance.
Jing Tao
02:24 PM Revision 9406 (metacat): refactor v2 context bean to use the v1 pattern used in metacat
ben leinfelder
02:21 PM Revision 9405 (metacat): include seriesId in solr schema and context file (v2 system metadata)
ben leinfelder
11:33 AM Revision 9404 (metacat): rollback to use entity/attribute id for the tab-pane (so it will work) and include new div id for the annotatable attribute section.
ben leinfelder


11:51 AM Revision 9403 (metacat): restructure attribute and party sections so that the annotatable div does not have DOM children.
ben leinfelder


04:09 PM Revision 9402 (metacat): Mrge from 2.5 branch: Clean up the admin and doc page styles, update all the screenshot images, and include a link to the MetacatUI Github
Lauren Walker


03:45 PM Bug #6322 (Rejected): Ensure lock is obtained prior to calls to Hazelcast IMap.put()
Ben pointed out that we call lock() in the calling methods that invoke DocumentImpl methods (like CNodeService.create... Chris Jones
11:28 AM Bug #6322: Ensure lock is obtained prior to calls to Hazelcast IMap.put()
Do we have an example of something that is not working correctly because of locks or lack of locks in our code? ben leinfelder
02:36 PM Revision 9391 (metacat): Use conditional method for retrieving server URL (http vs https). When metacat is configured to force SSL communication we get the https url, otherwise we get http. this allows us to use the DBTransform on localhosts that are not using SSL.
ben leinfelder
12:31 PM Task #6532 (Closed): Explain different metacat and CN endpoints in the MetacatUI docs
Added short section on customizing AppModel.js endpoints. ben leinfelder
12:31 PM Revision 9390 (metacat): add section for CN vs MN endpoints for MetacatUI.
ben leinfelder
11:36 AM Bug #6576: Ensure replicaPolicy node list order is preserved in backing store
Looking at the DataONE ticket for this, there doesn't seem to be a conclusion. The main issue being for the tidy proc... ben leinfelder
11:27 AM Revision 9389 (metacat): Fixed a bug that the publish method should throw an io exception.
Jing Tao
11:23 AM Story #6440 (Closed): Keep DOI registrations current and resolvable
We now have a few mechanisms in place to keep DOI registrations updated and can always trigger them manually for indi... ben leinfelder
11:22 AM Revision 9388 (metacat): use stable EZID 1.0.1 release tag for dependency.
ben leinfelder
11:12 AM Task #6555 (Closed): Convert PNG diagrams in ORE Model Expansion doc to plantUML diagrams
Please see GitHub project. ben leinfelder
11:11 AM Story #6548 (Closed): Expand ORE model to allow relationships for derived datasets
This is being developed in GitHub: ben leinfelder
11:09 AM Support #6838 (In Progress): LTER user can't log in
Looks like this is not a Metacat bug and should not delay 2.5 release. ben leinfelder
11:04 AM Bug #6796 (Closed): Cannot register DOI for private object
ben leinfelder


04:50 PM Feature #6845 (Resolved): Update Identifier in the metadata document when it is updated
I've moved the edit science metadata method call to the publish() method so that update() is not affected. Lauren Walker
04:44 PM Revision 9387 (metacat): Move the editScienceMetadata method to the MNodeService class - only update packageId in EML on publish()
Lauren Walker
02:52 PM Support #6838: LTER user can't log in
I am dealing with James on other firewall and LDAP issues now as we transition the LTER LDAP and personnel databases ... Matt Jones
02:09 PM Support #6838: LTER user can't log in
Sounds like we need to follow-up with Mark Servilla about opening LDAP port to their server from KNB IP address (128.... ben leinfelder
02:35 PM Task #6855 (Closed): Update the metacat documentation
changed documentation to reference newer versions of prerequisite software and file naming conventions. ben leinfelder
02:34 PM Revision 9386 (metacat): update documentation to reference Tomcat 7, Java 7 and newer apache config file name conventions.
ben leinfelder
11:32 AM Feature #6417 (Closed): Call MN.archive() when SM.archive=true in MN.systemMetadataChanged()
This issue was fixed and tested. Jing Tao


06:59 PM Revision 9385 (metacat): Fixed a bug in the condition check for the archive field in the updateSystemMetadata method.
Jing Tao
04:00 PM Revision 9384 (metacat): The archived field can't be reset to false if it is true in the systemMetadataChanged method.
Jing Tao
03:56 PM Revision 9383 (metacat): Doesn't allow to reset the archived field to be false if the field is true in the updateSystemMetadata method.
Jing Tao


11:14 AM Revision 9382 (metacat): In the systemMetadataChanged method, we will update system metadata when the local serial version is less than or equals the comming one.
Jing Tao


04:09 PM Revision 9381 (metacat): In order to make jenkins work, switch back to maven.
Jing Tao
03:42 PM Revision 9380 (metacat): refs #7453: modified the metacatLog message from mn.synchronizationFailed to include the syncFailed.message field. Also increased the log level to WARN.


11:59 AM Revision 9379 (metacat): Change the maven home to maven2 which is more popular.
Jing Tao


04:28 PM Revision 9378 (metacat): Rearrange some test cases.
Jing Tao
04:09 PM Revision 9377 (metacat): Add a new test to test the checksum matching for mn.update.
Jing Tao
12:15 PM Revision 9376 (metacat): Remove the method editScienceMetadata from the update method. This method will add a packageId attribute into the eml document. Lauren will add the method to the publish method.
Jing Tao
11:52 AM Feature #6845 (In Progress): Update Identifier in the metadata document when it is updated
Change the EML update to only occur on mn.publish() Lauren Walker
11:50 AM Feature #6512 (Rejected): Add brief explanation to Metacat docs for using custom map markers in a custom theme
This will be part of the MetacatUI docs that I will be creating for the 1.8.1 or 1.9.0 release... Lauren Walker


05:11 PM Feature #6417 (In Progress): Call MN.archive() when SM.archive=true in MN.systemMetadataChanged()
Jing Tao
04:52 PM Revision 9375 (metacat): In the systemMetadataChanged method, the object will be archived if the new archive value is true and old value is false.
The log event is recorded in the systemMetadataChanged method as well. Jing Tao
03:31 PM Revision 9374 (metacat): Make the isAuthoritativeNode throw exception if some value is null.
Jing Tao


04:11 PM Revision 9373 (metacat): In the updateSystemMetadata method, we avoid to log the event twice for archive=true.
Jing Tao
04:08 PM Revision 9372 (metacat): In the hasReservation method, it doesn't throw the IdentifierNotUnqiue exception.
Jing Tao
02:34 PM Revision 9371 (metacat): In the setReplicationStatus method, it only notified the replicas when the status is completed. Now we added the status - failed and invalid.
Jing Tao
11:16 AM Revision 9370 (metacat): use idFilter for v2 getLogRecords() to match v2 API definition.
ben leinfelder


06:02 PM Bug #6579 (Resolved): resourceMap field is not indexed after uploading a package via the online registry
I deployed the new code and tested on the mn-demo-8. It worked. Jing Tao
06:00 PM Bug #6847 (Closed): Fix listObjects() to filter by replicaStatus correctly
Jing Tao
12:01 PM Revision 9369 (metacat): include property.
ben leinfelder

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