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2805 Bug Resolved Metacat Performance: updates from Morpho of data packages are taking longer than five minutes
2764 Bug Resolved LDAP client should handle referral failure correctly
2748 Bug Resolved MetaCatServlet.handleUploadAction() can cause data file deletion in the data store
2747 Bug Resolved AuthLdap.getGroups() doesn't follow referrals correctly when building group list
2738 Bug Resolved Announcement for when server will be unavialble
2716 Bug Resolved KNB Data Catalog Map does not display points
2691 Bug Resolved Update knbweb module to use map
2689 Bug Resolved Upgrade to Geoserver 1.4
2675 Bug Resolved column "infinity" does not exist
2670 Bug Resolved Test Metacat version with updates does not link to the "create a new account" form
2669 Bug Resolved Mapbuilder incompatible w/ Safari, Opera
2648 Bug Resolved Update broken LTER link in web templates
2579 Bug Resolved Default skin display is slightly broken on IE
2554 Bug Resolved Store the spatial data cache outside servlet context
2552 Bug Resolved Spatial query class to use geotools against the spatial cache
2551 Bug Resolved Generalized spatial xpaths for mutliple schemas
2550 Bug Resolved Dateline and polar handling for points
2549 Bug Resolved Limit spatial cache to public documents
2511 Bug Resolved Include an optional spatial dataset package
2505 Bug Resolved Spatial query errors with multiple geographic coverages
2499 Bug Resolved Port spatial harvesting script from C++ to java
2469 Bug Resolved DocumentImpl.buildIndex() does not index XPaths with attributes correctly
2437 Bug Resolved Cleaner install for spatial components
2377 Bug Resolved No Default Namespace in Records
2189 Bug Resolved Refactor skins so returnfield list comes from configuration
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