From 06/04/2000 to 07/03/2000


04:48 AM Bug #39 (Resolved): Finish integrating saveToDatabase() functionality
Need to finish integrating the SaveToDatabase functionality into mde.
Currently, it is it's own menu item, and shoul...
Matt Jones
04:28 AM Bug #38 (Resolved): mde inappropriately depends on specific IBM parser
need to eliminate dependency on IBM TX classes. Probably easiest way is to
break the view (JTree) from the storage ...
Matt Jones
04:25 AM Bug #12: compilation error in mde (
need to delete and from source. It is
experimental and not used. Facotr it out so ...
Matt Jones
04:23 AM Bug #11: ibm xml parser jar file missing or corrupted
reassign to higgins Matt Jones
04:19 AM Bug #10: Current Drive problem
reassigned to higgins Matt Jones
04:18 AM Bug #9: Win 98 Not recognized - error in getting working dir
reassigned to higgins Matt Jones
04:18 AM Bug #4: save as doesn't prompt before overwriting
reassigned to higgins Matt Jones
04:17 AM Bug #2: attribute editing for EMPTY elements doesn't work
reassigned to higgins Matt Jones
04:13 AM Bug #37 (Resolved): mde URLs for DTDs are inaccessible to metacat on insert
When inserting a document to the metacat database, mde provides a SYSTEM id for
the DTD that is resolved to a local ...
Matt Jones
04:08 AM Bug #36 (Closed): mde doesn't handle PUBLIC ids properly
Currently, mde uses the document root element name as a PUBLIC identifier when
saving documents. This is inappropri...
Matt Jones


12:46 PM Bug #32 (Resolved): need to generate structured query from client
Need to generate a structured query document from the client that is valid
according to pathquery.dtd and submit it ...
Matt Jones

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