From 05/12/2002 to 06/10/2002


09:16 AM Bug #357: determine if a network connection is available
Fixed by Matthew's Status Bar code which shows network status. Dan Higgins
09:05 AM Bug #512: Cannot run morpho under JDK1.1.8
Current release (1.1.2) does work with JDK1.1.8 on Macs OS 8,9. Changes are
needed in the routines that use https, ho...
Dan Higgins
09:01 AM Bug #467: morpho fails to delete package
SwingWorker class has been modified to insure the the 'flapping butterfly'
quites after an error. Delete Metacat Copy...
Dan Higgins


11:38 AM Bug #512 (Resolved): Cannot run morpho under JDK1.1.8
When trying to run morpho under JDK1.1.8, I get the following error:
"Error loading class edu/ucsb/nceas/morpho/fr...
Matthew Brooke
09:46 AM Bug #510: Need to periodically clean out Morpho cache
The basic problem that has come up is that the cache ends up with documents
(files) which have no content (i.e. files...
Dan Higgins


09:41 AM Bug #510: Need to periodically clean out Morpho cache
There must be a better solution to this than simply clearing the cache
periodically, which might be quite time consum...
Matt Jones


04:07 PM Bug #358: need visual indicator of login and network status
Icon enhancement re-located to its own bug # (see Bug #511), since the
original intent of this bug (#358) has been f...
Matthew Brooke
03:26 PM Bug #358: need visual indicator of login and network status
corrected item 2.a, above ("JLabel [...] "pushes" the icons off the
visible area of the screen"), and also reduced t...
Matthew Brooke
06:10 PM Bug #358: need visual indicator of login and network status
Created new StatusBar class and integrated into ClientFramework.
Shows status of network/metacat connection, login s...
Matthew Brooke
04:06 PM Bug #511 (In Progress): Enhance Icons for morpho StatusBar
Minor leftover from bug #358 (which has been fixed by adding a new
This current "bug" is really an...
Matthew Brooke
03:58 PM Bug #505: typo in eml-literature
fixed in:
Matthew Brooke


12:34 PM Bug #510 (Resolved): Need to periodically clean out Morpho cache
Morpho has a local cache to save documents downloaded from Metacat. Currently
this cache is never emptied. This caus...
Dan Higgins


09:53 AM Bug #509 (In Progress): HTTPProxy Firewall support needed
Morpho has no functionality for working behind a HTTPFirewall with a Proxy. Such
functionality (e.g. setting Proxy N...
Dan Higgins


04:36 PM Bug #508 (Resolved): Edits to CHOICE elements in eml-attribute::attributeDomain not saved unless other choice elements empty
Edits to the CHOICE elements under attribute->attributeDomain are not saved by
Morpho unless all the text data with...
Matthew Brooke
04:12 PM Bug #507 (Resolved): error in saving qualityControl element of eml-protocol module
when creating an eml-protocol module for the first time, the
elements "paragraph" and "citation" appear in the corr...
Matthew Brooke
10:55 AM Bug #506 (Resolved): Changes to "Originator" lost when editing eml-software
1) create an eml-software module in Morpho. Under "originator->CHOICE" select
the "positionName" radio button and ...
Matthew Brooke


10:14 AM Bug #505 (Resolved): typo in eml-literature
under CHOICE-->offlineMedium-->medNote.
Current help instructions read "any additional pertitant information..."
Matthew Brooke
09:59 AM Bug #504 (Resolved): incorrect rendering of eml-physical in xml editor (eml Beta6)
How to reproduce:
From package editor, select an eml-physical module (eml Beta6) and start to
edit in the xml edit...
Matthew Brooke

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