From 11/07/2002 to 12/06/2002


04:55 PM Bug #393: editor allows you to save an invalid document without prompting
The XML editor has been modified to check the output string for validity every
time the user tries to save changes. T...
Dan Higgins


11:59 AM Bug #923 (Resolved): spatial query revise functionality not working
Need to fix spatial query so that revise query action works properly Dan Higgins
11:53 AM Bug #921: problem with LockedPanel display in editor
see previous comment! Dan Higgins
11:52 AM Bug #921: problem with LockedPanel display in editor
Changed XMLPanel code to not use the LockedPanel plug-in and instead just set
the Texbox for an element to be non-edi...
Dan Higgins
04:40 PM Bug #921 (Resolved): problem with LockedPanel display in editor
The LockedPanel class is used as a plugin in the xml editor for items that
should not be editable. This plugin does ...
Dan Higgins
08:45 PM Bug #922: Back Button problems in the TextImportWizard
Apparently, the reported problems were due to setting the starting row to 0,
which should not have been allowed since...
Dan Higgins
04:41 PM Bug #922 (Resolved): Back Button problems in the TextImportWizard
Use of back button reportedly (Chad) messes up display in TextIMportWizard. Need
to investigate and fix.
Dan Higgins
04:37 PM Bug #640: Problem trying to download very large data sets
added a flag in the Morpho class that keeps track of when a connection to
metacat is busy. The doPing method here che...
Dan Higgins


10:36 AM Bug #545: annotation capability for editing data
Postponing until the future because there is no place to store the annotation
data in eml beta 1.6 that is supported ...
Dan Higgins
10:33 AM Bug #620: Data Files with fixed width fields are not handled
Postponed to 1.4 due to lack of time. This is a relatively large task and cannot
be done quickly. {I am assuming we w...
Dan Higgins
10:29 AM Bug #419: DataPackage Wizard doesn't indicate that AttributeDomain is Required
Postponing for the reason previously indicated - current package wizard needs to
be reworked to handle choices.
Dan Higgins
10:26 AM Bug #361: strip empty elements if blank
Moving to 1.4 because the associated bug for working without DocTypes has proven
to be difficult and was moved to 1.4.
Dan Higgins
10:20 AM Bug #459: extend Wizard actions of TextImport Wizard
TextImportWizard has been changed to now step through each of the columns in a
table and collect metadata as part of ...
Dan Higgins
09:13 PM Bug #362: save invalid xml docs without DOCTYPE
Due to large number of places where the doctype is used in Morpho, this change
would involve changing a lot of code. ...
Dan Higgins


11:47 AM Bug #217: need simple spatial search
Problem with how Metacat handles non-numeric strings in bounding fields when a
'less-than' or 'greater-than' comparis...
Dan Higgins
04:00 PM Bug #217: need simple spatial search
Query generation code has been generated and LocalQuery extended to handle
spatial queries. The code works with local...
Dan Higgins
11:42 AM Bug #658: Data Package Summary sometimes too long
Size of text display set to not overflow to next line when long. Additional text
displayed when the window is made la...
Dan Higgins


09:05 AM Bug #217: need simple spatial search
A simple graphical interface for spatial searches has been implemented. A map of
the world is displayed and the user ...
Dan Higgins


10:38 AM Bug #640: Problem trying to download very large data sets
Some further investigation seems to confirm that we have a 'thread' problem in
the HTTPClient package. Downloading a ...
Dan Higgins


02:24 PM Bug #640: Problem trying to download very large data sets
A test using Morpho 1.1 indicates that the downloading of a large test dataset
(a single 45MB Pisco data set) works f...
Dan Higgins
02:06 PM Bug #647: fix access control triples in nrs and obfs packages
Matt added code in load-dataset.cgi and fixed the bug.
I tested in dev and new cgi will added a triple that access f...
Jing Tao
08:37 AM Bug #672 (Resolved): lat/lon validation and conversion
Morpho allows input of latitude and longitude values in EML. EML specifies that
these should be in decimal format, ...
Matt Jones
08:34 AM Bug #671 (Resolved): convert beta6 to eml-2.0.0
Current packages are in eml-2.00beta6 format. When we support eml-2.0.0, we
need to be able to automatically conver...
Matt Jones

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