From 06/21/2006 to 07/20/2006


04:29 PM Bug #2498 (Resolved): Change default metacat URL
The default Metacat URL in the Morpho preferences should be instead of http... Will Tyburczy


12:01 PM Bug #2492 (Resolved): Morpho Data Table Wizard inserts false URL when describing (not importing) a table
If you use the Data Table Wizard in Morpho to describe (not import or create) a data table, Morpho will insert a valu... Will Tyburczy


04:33 PM Bug #2489 (In Progress): The Predefined list does not display the values
The Predefined list does not display the values in the Morpho Entity/Attibute Measurment Domain
entityCodeList dis...
Callie Bowdish


01:28 PM Bug #2206: Tree editor does not properly process additionalMetadata items when "trimming"
This seems very similar to resolved bug 2071 - maybe something similar to what was done to fix that bug can be done h... Will Tyburczy


07:26 AM Bug #2430: Revision number of Inserted Tables are not working

This is a bug in Morpho. Moving it to Morpho.
Saurabh Garg


04:33 PM Bug #2473: Morpho uses too much memory
I used my laptop to import the table - wtyburczy.29.1, which has lots of columns.
My laptop only has 512M physcial me...
Jing Tao
11:12 AM Bug #2473 (In Progress): Morpho uses too much memory
Currently, Morpho needs 512M of RAM to run successfully. If it is set to a lower value, Morpho will freeze in the Da... Will Tyburczy
02:36 PM Bug #2203: Morpho editor gives validation problem message when you don't trim
After fixing bug 2200, this bug was fixed too. Jing Tao
02:36 PM Bug #2200: Morpho editor creates unwanted node (spatialVector)
The reason caused the bug was setAllNodesAsSelected method was called duplicately. When removed one, it works. Jing Tao


10:22 AM Bug #2465 (New): new lines are displayed in the text boxes but do not show after text entries saved
When entering information into text boxes they show formatting such as new lines (paragraphs). The saved data does no... Callie Bowdish

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