From 06/22/2006 to 07/21/2006


10:39 AM Bug #2498: Change default metacat URL
Fixed the bug and changed the Milestone to 1.7 Jing Tao


04:29 PM Bug #2498 (Resolved): Change default metacat URL
The default Metacat URL in the Morpho preferences should be instead of http... Will Tyburczy


12:01 PM Bug #2492 (Resolved): Morpho Data Table Wizard inserts false URL when describing (not importing) a table
If you use the Data Table Wizard in Morpho to describe (not import or create) a data table, Morpho will insert a valu... Will Tyburczy


04:33 PM Bug #2489 (In Progress): The Predefined list does not display the values
The Predefined list does not display the values in the Morpho Entity/Attibute Measurment Domain
entityCodeList dis...
Callie Bowdish


01:28 PM Bug #2206: Tree editor does not properly process additionalMetadata items when "trimming"
This seems very similar to resolved bug 2071 - maybe something similar to what was done to fix that bug can be done h... Will Tyburczy


07:26 AM Bug #2430: Revision number of Inserted Tables are not working

This is a bug in Morpho. Moving it to Morpho.
Saurabh Garg


04:33 PM Bug #2473: Morpho uses too much memory
I used my laptop to import the table - wtyburczy.29.1, which has lots of columns.
My laptop only has 512M physcial me...
Jing Tao
11:12 AM Bug #2473 (In Progress): Morpho uses too much memory
Currently, Morpho needs 512M of RAM to run successfully. If it is set to a lower value, Morpho will freeze in the Da... Will Tyburczy
02:36 PM Bug #2203: Morpho editor gives validation problem message when you don't trim
After fixing bug 2200, this bug was fixed too. Jing Tao
02:36 PM Bug #2200: Morpho editor creates unwanted node (spatialVector)
The reason caused the bug was setAllNodesAsSelected method was called duplicately. When removed one, it works. Jing Tao

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