From 07/22/2003 to 08/20/2003


12:46 PM Bug #1133 (Resolved): plant names fields need more character space
I received errors when importing my species list to the table
z_USER_B_SpecList, telling me that t...
Michael Jennings


02:19 PM Bug #560: purchase and set up tape backup for vegbank
Metallica rules! P. Anderson


11:23 AM Bug #780: Email and show online deposit receipt; (option of long or short format?)
Bob's email response, r.e. accession numbers:
I think the problem is i...
Michael Lee
11:15 AM Bug #1077: document in CVS: Preload the database with standard methods, references, journals
where to put the stuff in cvs:
I created a little shell script to allow ant to call the preloading of
the db from a t...
Michael Lee
10:32 AM Bug #1077: document in CVS: Preload the database with standard methods, references, journals
Check in the method that was used to prepopulate the database.
Make sure Castanea's ISSN has been added:
Journal ID
Michael Lee


01:19 PM Bug #1121 (Resolved): Large plant queries cause Out of Memory error
An unrefined plant query that results in the system tring to large numbers of
plant is both slow and memory hungry (...
Gabriel Farrell
10:25 AM Bug #978: Concurrent loading and viewing of plots issues
This work has been completed, form the web-interface I am unware of any existing
concurency issues.
The plot loading...
Gabriel Farrell
08:20 AM Bug #726: Data loader plugins:VegBranch plots:Assess accuracy
We believe that it will be better for VegBranch to export our new XML document
and use a new XML loader to get VegBra...
Michael Lee
08:16 AM Bug #870: New XML export and import into the VegBank system
New XML needs to be imported into VegBank (coming directly as XML or as a
communication doc between VegBranch and Veg...
Michael Lee
08:13 AM Bug #768: DTD publication - revision of DTD/XML to new format
Don't need a DTD as we have a schema, which is better anyway.
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 740 ***
Michael Lee
08:13 AM Bug #740: New XML -- DESIGN
*** Bug 768 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Michael Lee
08:13 AM Bug #740: New XML -- DESIGN
And example XML document containing data and the XML schema that validate
Vegbank Data XML can be found here:
Michael Lee
08:03 AM Bug #740: New XML -- DESIGN
New XML has been designed and needs to be approved by PI's and developer.
Perhaps after working with it for a bit. ...
Michael Lee
07:57 AM Bug #1074: consolodate all party tables onto one
Additionally, I think we should leave the field names in the plant* and comm*
tables alone. ie plantPArty_id and com...
Michael Lee
07:48 AM Bug #794: Evaluate viewing forms and input forms for VegBank Metadata
Once these forms have been reviewed, this bug can be closed. This will now
serve as the bug to evaluate all forms th...
Michael Lee


01:35 PM Bug #794: Evaluate viewing forms and input forms for VegBank Metadata
The work Mike is doing on the display will allow this bug to be closed so
Gabriel Farrell
11:12 AM Bug #1117: Register Issues
Issues addressed Mike Lee already had a look at this. Gabriel Farrell
11:11 AM Bug #1116: Fetch Password is 404 Error
fixed, required pointing this page to the servlet that handles this. Gabriel Farrell
11:10 AM Bug #1115: certification submittal bugs
Fixed e-mail and increased the size of some database fields.
Needs to have validation that prevents invalid data get...
Gabriel Farrell


04:34 PM Bug #1120 (Resolved): log out doesn't appear to work
I don't think the log-out works. I can "back" button back
through it and link to the main-menu or attempt to load d...
Michael Lee
04:30 PM Bug #1119 (Resolved): Changing email address doesn't affect cookie email address
When the user changes email address in the change profile page, they are sent
back to the main menu and the old ema...
Michael Lee
03:46 PM Bug #1115: certification submittal bugs
The certification request is logged to the log, but apparently not emailed
(successfully) to anyone. This needs fix...
Michael Lee
03:31 PM Bug #1115 (Resolved): certification submittal bugs
Mike Jennings has had problems requesting certification. He has filled out
the form, with some entries up to 130 c...
Michael Lee
03:43 PM Bug #1118 (Resolved): strutify the certification form and possibly change the way log-in/cookie are done
Upgrade the system that we use to log on users, change user info, request
certification, etc. This is a weak point...
Michael Lee
03:41 PM Bug #1117 (Resolved): Register Issues
When I push "do not accept" and then submit information, it registers me as a
valid user! Serious problem there!
Michael Lee
03:35 PM Bug #1116 (Resolved): Fetch Password is 404 Error
I enter my email and ask for my password to be emailed to me, and I get a
nasty 404 error.
HTTP Status 404 - /ve...
Michael Lee
02:35 PM Bug #1114: Logging system needs to be upgraded
The logging system is really basic right now. I'd like to see timestamps added
and be able to somehow view a log tha...
Michael Lee
02:33 PM Bug #1114 (Resolved): Logging system needs to be upgraded
Michael Lee

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