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MENUS: Context Menus - Add Cut/Copy/Paste to all right click popup menus

Added by Dan Higgins almost 18 years ago. Updated almost 14 years ago.

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suggested by Laura Downey (standard practice)

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Blocked by Kepler - Bug #2338: TRACKING - MENUS: pop-up context menu revisionIn ProgressMatthew Brooke01/18/2006

Actions #1

Updated by Christopher Brooks almost 18 years ago

Edward and I talked about adding Cut/Copy/Paste right menu choices
and he strongly feels that we already have too many items in the
context menus and adding three more choices is not a good idea.

I've been pushing for Cut/Copy/Paste for some time now; but I totally see
his point about not adding more clutter to the right mouse menus.

We need a better solution for invoking node specific actions.
Does anyone have any ideas?


Actions #2

Updated by Laura Downey almost 18 years ago

While I agree that limiting items on right click menus is desirable, the
general rule for keeping the number of items down is based on including
primary commands related to the object (workflow or actor) and common,
frequent commands. It is not based on some specific number of items not to be
exceeded. I just did a quick look at some of the common right click menus in
Windows XP and generally it looks like there are about 12-15 items, sometimes
a few more. But cut/copy/paste are always included because these are very
very common commands and users also expect them because it has become defacto
standard to include cut/copy/paste in most right click menus where appropriate
to the object. I'd also add delete in this case.

One way to deal with lots of items on a menu is to use the menu separator bar
too to help organize and chunk related items. We could add the
cut/copy/paste/delete items to the bottom of the right click menu with a
separator bar between the primary menu items and these convenience functions.
Also, I hope to propose a configure dialog that will get rid of the separate
configure commands on the right click menus which will reduce the current set
of menu items.

Actions #3

Updated by Matthew Brooke over 16 years ago

This should be relatively straightforward (relatively speaking ;-)...

1) Find existing Actions for Cut, Copy, Paste, or create your own (see Bug #2363 for how to do so)

2) map these actions to entries on the context menus (see Bug #2367 for how to do so)

Actions #4

Updated by Redmine Admin almost 10 years ago

Original Bugzilla ID was 2011


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