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3842 Bug Resolved Standardization/filling out best classifications in new archive database
3796 Bug Resolved Entry-only plots need to be flagged
3795 Bug Resolved Add row numbers in the collection box for cover data (herb data)
3792 Bug Resolved auto-embed errors for hand-error checking
3791 Bug Resolved Track project completeness
3787 Bug Resolved Decide on better project management software/approach
3786 Bug Resolved Hand Error checking improvements
3532 Bug In Progress Revise elevation based on NASA data
3433 Bug Resolved Allow deletion of some but not all plots
3432 Bug New Upgrade patching system
3431 Bug Resolved Document whence our picklist values come (workshop '08)
3429 Bug Resolved level 3 intensive modules (workshop '08)
3428 Bug Resolved Level 3 "Water" (workshop '08)
3427 Bug Resolved Pull VMD data from web (workshop '08)
3426 Bug Resolved Vigor of 2 now "weak" not "fair" (workshop '08)
3425 Bug Resolved More info about reach in protocol, datasheets, entry tool? (workshop '08)
3424 Bug Resolved Confidentiality Level 3 (workshop '08)
3423 Bug Resolved Make Height Precision and Height inversely proportional (workshop '08)
3422 Bug Resolved Indicate units + precision on datasheets (workshop '08)
3421 Bug Resolved Plot Placement revision (workshop '08)
3419 Bug Resolved Print notes on VMD forms (workshop '08)
3418 Bug Resolved Open ended picklists (workshop '08)
3320 Bug Resolved Data Monitoring Report Issues
2924 Bug New Add "use defaults on this plot" for parties and place name
2869 Bug Resolved Migrate OLD ARCHIVE to the NEW ARCHIVE
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