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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2923 Bug Resolved Normal clean up: Importing from 2.0.4 and before can cause odd message about users/parties Michael Lee 05/08/2009 01:46 PM Actions
2915 Bug New Normal Need to have rules for "odd" levels for data: planted stems >= level 3 and cover data <= level 2 Michael Lee 01/29/2009 01:01 PM Actions
2906 Bug New Normal DBA: reports could be improved Michael Lee 01/29/2009 01:01 PM Actions
2883 Bug Resolved Normal Monitoring data: how to determine ordering of rows? Michael Lee 05/08/2009 12:34 PM Actions
2875 Bug Resolved Normal Windows cannot find "fileName" for entryDB Michael Lee 07/06/2007 11:01 AM Actions
2760 Bug New Normal add Quick fix for common errors Michael Lee 01/29/2009 01:01 PM Actions
2678 Bug Closed Low Create tool for editing static database records of taxon occurrence Xianhua Liu 09/08/2007 01:00 PM Actions
2640 Bug New Normal Identify USDA species without county distribution where other spp in genus have distribution Michael Lee 09/08/2007 02:53 PM Actions
2623 Bug Closed Normal 42. TaxonProgress updates Xianhua Liu 03/31/2007 09:56 AM Actions
2618 Bug Closed Immediate Server errors; incompatability with Windows 2000 OS Xianhua Liu 09/08/2007 12:04 PM Actions
2617 Bug Closed Normal 36. The Data Source tab Xianhua Liu 11/25/2006 07:34 AM Actions
2590 Bug Closed Normal "get missing taxa" search Xianhua Liu 11/09/2006 07:38 AM Actions
2582 Bug Closed Immediate 2A. Show parents as ambiguous members Xianhua Liu 01/16/2007 07:10 AM Actions
2580 Bug Closed Immediate 1. Incorrect links to specimen images Xianhua Liu 11/05/2006 08:33 PM Actions
2574 Bug Resolved Normal update species in old archive database from Forbes Michael Lee 11/28/2006 08:03 AM Actions

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