From 09/28/2004 to 10/27/2004


06:58 AM Bug #1751 (Resolved): new mailing lists: kepler-users, kepler-votes
As the Kepler releases reach beta level (or better) it is important to discuss
end user requests, issues etc. One ma...
Bertram Ludaescher
06:42 AM Bug #1750 (Resolved): Allow KAR files to include jar/class files
The issue of a remote Kepler actor (and workflow) repository has come up every
now and then. It would serve multiple...
Bertram Ludaescher
06:23 AM Bug #1749 (In Progress): Global toggle for port name display
Port names can be quite informative (in particular when chosen carefully ;-) and
help understand a workflow. The dis...
Bertram Ludaescher
02:56 AM Bug #1748 (Resolved): "Get metadata" menu item only works for EML 2.0.0 documents
Currently the "Get metadata" function only works for EML 2.0.0. The version is
hardcoded in the code, but instead i...
Matt Jones
02:54 AM Bug #1747: provide display of full metadata for EML200DataSource actors
Implemented this function. Now, EML200DataSource actors has a "Get metadata"
menu item. When this menu is invoked, ...
Matt Jones
02:46 AM Bug #1747 (Resolved): provide display of full metadata for EML200DataSource actors
Current EML data source actors only display their title. This is not enough
information to evaluate and use a data ...
Matt Jones


07:46 AM Bug #1697: Create a DarwinCore Actor
implemented Rod Spears


09:02 AM Bug #1717: EML200 data source throws error on 'Look Inside'
Commenting out the line was a test to see what really determined what happens
when the Look Inside button was clicked...
Dan Higgins
05:43 AM Bug #1717: EML200 data source throws error on 'Look Inside'
This line was commented out in EML200DataSource by Dan and I am waiting to here
why before truning it back on.
// ...
Rod Spears


02:37 PM Bug #1717 (Resolved): EML200 data source throws error on 'Look Inside'
After dragging an EML200 data source from the result list window to the canvas,
if one clicks on 'Look Inside' to co...
Matt Jones


11:08 AM Bug #1589: actor testing system
PTII4.0 has this functionality. Chad Berkley
11:08 AM Bug #1592: describe Sparrow toolkit interface
Shawn has done this. Chad Berkley
11:07 AM Bug #1581: "New actor" instantiated from command line application and saving actors in specified libraries
I'm don't think this is needed now because of changes in PTII4.0. Chad Berkley
11:06 AM Bug #1546: dynamic data and actor views using ontologies
This is now working via Jena. Shawn and I have changed the kepler configuration
to only include a long moml list of ...
Chad Berkley
11:03 AM Bug #1330: interface enhancements
Chad wrote:
> --the zoom buttons are totally unintuitive. they need new icons
I might be off track, but are we talki...
Christopher Brooks
10:50 AM Bug #1330: interface enhancements
the following items have been fixed in one way or another. The rest I will
re-evaluate and move to individual bugs.
Chad Berkley
10:59 AM Bug #1543: create workflow scripting language
Since this is already implemented via JACL in PTII, this bug is moot. Chad Berkley
10:58 AM Bug #1341: need a viewing toolbox
The vergil canvas now has scrollbars that are visible when the size of the
canvas is bigger than the size of the pane...
Chad Berkley
10:52 AM Bug #1335: finish actor prototype tool
I am no longer sure if this is needed functionality within kepler. There are
several other ways to prototype an acto...
Chad Berkley

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