From 04/09/2012 to 05/08/2012


07:37 AM Bug #5603 (Resolved): ant run -Dworkflow=${HOME}/Downloads/SimpleLoop.kar fails
ant -p says:
run Compile, then run Kepler along with the modules in modules.txt. Use -Dwo...
Christopher Brooks


04:52 PM Bug #5602 (Resolved): Timezone confusion using the scheduler
It appears at least some parts of the Workflow Scheduling system don't account for different timezones. When you sche... Derik Barseghian
04:15 PM Bug #5601 (Closed): Can still lose report design when saving to KAR
It's still possible to lose your report design when you save to a KAR -- there's at least one scenario where you can ... Derik Barseghian
04:11 PM Bug #5600 (New): Import Site Layout performance is poor for many connections at once
During a recent workshop I had ~25 people at once try to Import Sensor Site from one SPAN host running on my macbook.... Derik Barseghian
11:23 AM Bug #5598 (Resolved): parameters appear as white boxes instead of dots
Using the workflow run manager, one can download a remote workflow run kar, and then right click on the row and selec... Derik Barseghian


02:27 PM Bug #5595: GetMetadata Menu doesn't work in eml actor when it handles local eml document and data file
I dug around and found the menu is controlled by this:
<name>ACTOR->Get Metadata</name>
Jing Tao


08:04 AM Bug #5596 (New): Kepler UI freezes after Login Anonymously
When a user has a remote repository configured for actor searching, they are prompted to login to search for a compon... Matt Jones


08:49 PM Bug #5540: Automate Layout no longer uses Kieler on trunk
Discussed with Jing and he fixed it at r29804. So much better. Derik Barseghian


10:28 AM Bug #5595 (Resolved): GetMetadata Menu doesn't work in eml actor when it handles local eml document and data file
Here is a segment of an eml from a kepler user:
Jing Tao


04:29 PM Bug #5594 (New): use input and output port icons in Items of Interest
Currently actor ports have a "generic file"-ish icon in the Items of Interest panel. From a user's point of view this... Derik Barseghian
03:05 PM Bug #5593 (New): use setDefaultWidth in actors
Building workflows in Kepler these days I spend a lot of time changing relation widths from Auto to 1, because w/ Aut... Derik Barseghian
01:07 PM Bug #5592 (Resolved): Site Layout DE Director missing documentation
When you import a Site Layout, a workflow with DE Director is automatically created. The instantiated DE Director has... Derik Barseghian
10:45 AM Bug #5591 (New): Workflow Run Manager error downloading run for which module dependencies not satisfied
The WRM lets you download run-kars with module dependencies that your current suite doesn't satisfy, and an error is ... Derik Barseghian


10:16 PM Bug #4763: create gui to access datalogger program
The g++ I'm using on Lion gives some good warning messages that I don't think I've seen before, including about the m... Derik Barseghian


07:20 PM Bug #5590: RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Actor also uses bitmap instead of png depending on if headless. I think I'd prefer if the actor just did as told, or ... Derik Barseghian
06:34 PM Bug #5590 (New): RExpression forces pdf if 'automatically show graphics' is checked
Look into this forced format change side-effect which is confusing to a user. If you select e.g. png, and 'auto show.... Derik Barseghian


04:05 PM Bug #5589 (Resolved): Add missing ptolemy actors to library
We should look through ptolemy's source and add Kepler library representations for any actors we don't already displa... Derik Barseghian


04:17 PM Bug #5587: long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
To reproduce:
1. add actor to canvas
2. double click on actor to open actor parameters dialog
3. in one of the param...
Daniel Crawl
04:12 PM Bug #5587: long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
I'm not sure what the bug is here, could you post a screenshot and/or a detailed description of how to replicate the ... Christopher Brooks
03:45 PM Bug #5587 (Resolved): long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
In the actor parameters dialog, if a parameter value has more characters than can fit in the text box, the text box i... Daniel Crawl
03:57 PM Bug #5588 (Resolved): Enter and Tab behavior has changed in parameter configuration dialog
A month or so ago I noticed these changes:
- when you hit Enter when configuring an actor's parameter value, a new l...
Derik Barseghian
11:54 AM Bug #5586 (New): Get newest version of local files in EML actor
Here is an email from kepler user:
Running v2.3 on...
Jing Tao


03:55 PM Bug #5585 (New): Add date format E MMM d HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy to DateToString
E MMM d HH:mm:ss zzz yyyy is the format used when a date token is shown in a Display, so it seems a good example form... Derik Barseghian
03:50 PM Bug #5584 (New): Create a Date To Long actor
Right now I think the easiest way to convert from a Date to milliseconds since epoch is to use an Expression: input.g... Derik Barseghian

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