From 02/28/2007 to 03/29/2007


04:03 PM Revision 3217 (metacat): Fix bug in advanced search that first surfaced in Java 1.5.0/Tomcat 5.5. Only set the sessid parameter if the sessionId string that is passed in is non-null.
Duane Costa
10:17 AM Revision 3216 (metacat): Change "server" to "config.hostname" in config.hostname description.
Jing Tao
07:51 AM Revision 3215 (metacat): At Jing's suggestion, added back descriptions for the 'server' and 'httpserver' properties. Since the default values can be used in most cases, the descriptions were added to the table titled 'Other properties in that you can (but generally need not) change'.
Added text to description of 'config.port.https' property. Duane Costa


02:55 PM Bug #2797: Character set (charset) problem when filling out form
Here is a data set that shows the character set (charset) problem with text not displaying correctl...
Callie Bowdish
12:44 PM Revision 3214 (metacat): Update metacat installation documentation for 1.7 release.
Duane Costa
10:53 AM Bug #2807: Data Set Upload for SAEON
Design diagram:
Chris Barteau
10:44 AM Bug #2807 (Resolved): Data Set Upload for SAEON
Create a web interface to upload data sets and metadata files for Kruger NP.
Includes login, and inserting new docum...
Chris Barteau


03:35 PM Revision 3213 (metacat): Initial design document for the SEON data set uploading to metacat.
02:47 PM Revision 3212 (metacat): Currently every MetacatClientTest will generate new doicd and the the docid will be reused. So it will generate problem. I add new method to persistent the doicd in a file and this problem was fixed.
Jing Tao


03:33 PM Bug #2806 (Resolved): Online Edit action for a data package brings up a blank page
A data package can not be edited using the Online NCEAS Data Repository ( ). I tried data p... Callie Bowdish


10:41 AM Bug #2738: Announcement for when server will be unavialble
FIXED, will be incorporated into process. Matt Jones
10:39 AM Bug #2738: Announcement for when server will be unavialble
FIX by:
1) post announcements of maintenance to KNB website
2) Check for session activity before restarting server
Matt Jones
10:40 AM Bug #2690: Fully document the spatial option
Spatial documentaiton is reasonable but could use more details. Moving bug to 1.8. Matt Jones
10:31 AM Bug #2716: KNB Data Catalog Map does not display points
Fixed by synchronizing for multithreaded access to the shapefile. Matt Jones
09:59 AM Revision 3211 (metacat): adding changes to make paged query results possible


11:09 AM Bug #2805 (Resolved): Metacat Performance: updates from Morpho of data packages are taking longer than five minutes
When a data set is saved online it is a quick process. However, when it is saved or updated using Morpho it can take ... Callie Bowdish


11:42 AM Bug #2804: Nested Elements Cause the Returned Data to Be Truncated.
A possible solution is to require Kepler (or whatever the uploading agent is) to use entities to hide the HTML tags. ... David Sledge
11:27 AM Bug #2804 (Closed): Nested Elements Cause the Returned Data to Be Truncated.
Metacat doesn't handle values with nested elements well. Given the following:
David Sledge


12:09 PM Revision 3210 (metacat): Removed obsolete targets which handled gt3 stuff.
Jing Tao


12:04 PM Revision 3209 (metacat): Add new variable getReviewsTemplate to fix the bug which moderater couldn't see comment window.
Jing Tao


03:07 PM Bug #2797 (Resolved): Character set (charset) problem when filling out form
The ESA data repository form has a problem whem people enter a number of different characters. It might look right wh... Callie Bowdish


05:06 PM Bug #2796 (Resolved): ESA registry gets locked into searching KNB
The ESA registry webpage gets stuck into always searching the KNB for queries after an initial search across the enti... Will Tyburczy
03:18 PM Revision 3208 (metacat): Add a new config.port.https property. This value will be used by server property.
Jing Tao


04:10 PM Revision 3207 (metacat): updated installation instructions
04:07 PM Revision 3206 (metacat): moved from metacat/lib
03:57 PM Revision 3205 (metacat): moving these jars to the ajax dir
11:32 AM Bug #2675: column "infinity" does not exist
This bug was caused by "infinity" is one of reserved word in Java Double class. In xml_nodes table, we have a new att... Jing Tao
10:13 AM Revision 3204 (metacat): adjusted cell widths, font sizes, and white-space policies.
08:40 AM Bug #2792 (Rejected): KNB home link needed on the Map Page
The KNB Data Catalog Map page ( ) has a differnt "header" or banner set u... Callie Bowdish


05:15 PM Revision 3203 (metacat): A script to check if shape files are still existing.
Jing Tao
05:06 PM Revision 3202 (metacat): Add exception handle code according the change in SpacialHarvest class.
Jing Tao
05:05 PM Revision 3201 (metacat): Change the exception handle way accroding the change in SpatialDataset class.
Jing Tao
05:03 PM Revision 3200 (metacat): Change the shape file store object to be static and make them synchronized in order to be thread safe.
Jing Tao
05:01 PM Revision 3199 (metacat): Change the constructor to prive so other class can only go through getInstance to get object.
Jing Tao
05:00 PM Revision 3198 (metacat): Change some log info.
Jing Tao
03:14 PM Revision 3197 (metacat): Check if the word is "infinity" before casting a string to double ojbect.
Jing Tao
02:29 PM Revision 3196 (metacat): more changes for the ajax stuff. it now works on the production server
09:37 AM Revision 3195 (metacat): updated the ajax code to make it easier to install. also updated the installation instructions.


12:08 PM Revision 3194 (metacat): more changes for the ajax stuff
11:52 AM Revision 3193 (metacat): added a note
11:50 AM Revision 3192 (metacat): file with installation instructions
10:53 AM Revision 3191 (metacat): updated readme
10:44 AM Revision 3190 (metacat): modified the shell and compile scripts so that theyy are easier to modify for different systems
09:52 AM Revision 3189 (metacat): initial checkin of the kepler ajax metacat interface. these files may need to be moved later, but they need to be in cvs all together for now.


03:58 PM Bug #2648: Update broken LTER link in web templates
Updated url in template ldapRegisterLter.tmp Chris Barteau
03:55 PM Revision 3188 (metacat): Updated broken LTER link in template (bug #648)
03:18 PM Revision 3187 (metacat): The generateId method somethimes couldn't generate a unique id if you put them
into a big for loop. So i added append to a random number at the end. It works wll Jing Tao


10:37 AM Bug #2785 (Resolved): NCEAS project list does not update from the NCEAS admin database
The NCEAS Data Repository has a form page that uses a drop down choice box. NCEAS (Online form - http://knb.ecoinfor... Callie Bowdish
08:58 AM Bug #2647: ESA registry doesn't have LTER in login dropdown menu
LTER added to the organization list Will Tyburczy

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