From 08/14/2005 to 09/12/2005


03:28 PM Bug #2194: Revise resultset.xsd in ecogrid
Actually, I think we agreed it makes more sense to remove the namespace
*element* and keep the namespace *attribute* ...
Matt Jones
02:45 PM Bug #2194 (Resolved): Revise resultset.xsd in ecogrid
Currently in query.xsd we only have one namespace for both document itself and
returnField. But in resultset.xsd, th...
Jing Tao


08:51 AM Bug #2174 (Resolved): Problems with multiple eml2datasource actors in a Kepler workflow
I have recently created several Kepler workflow that contain multiple
eml200datasources. In particular, see 'workflo...
Dan Higgins


01:40 PM Bug #1728: ENM IIC2 - Initial Preparation of IPCC Climate Change Data
An example workflow (IPCC Change Test.xml) has been created to show how one can
create a 'changed' grid for use in a ...
Dan Higgins
01:37 PM Bug #1852: ENM IIIH - Actors for grid logical and math operations
Two actors, Grid Reset and MergeGrids can be used to carry out most operations
of interest. I will close this bug and...
Dan Higgins
01:28 PM Bug #1743: ENM IIIF - ROC Threshold Generator
A specific solution(actor) has not been created but an R ROC package has been
identified (see R package list on R web...
Dan Higgins
01:26 PM Bug #1742: ENM IIIE - Best model filter
Implemented using the RExpression actor and a custom R script. See GARP
workflows in Kepler CVS
Dan Higgins
01:24 PM Bug #1741: ENM IIID - GARP Error Matrix Generator
Omission and commission values are now calculated using the GARPSummary actor. Dan Higgins
01:18 PM Bug #1738: ENM IIIA - Update GARP Workflow
commission/omission and best ruleset calculation have been implemented. ROC
analysis is available using an RExpressio...
Dan Higgins
01:15 PM Bug #1736: ENM IIG - Projection Tool
This task has been completed; implemented in the GDAL Warp and Projection actor. Dan Higgins
01:11 PM Bug #1720: Create an example Kepler workflow for ENM/GARP calculations
Much of this task is completed, at least up to repeated runs for a single
species. Numerous workflows related to GARP...
Dan Higgins
12:04 PM Bug #1733: ENM IIH - Create Mask Layer for GARP
fixed with Convex Hull and CV Hull to Raster actors Dan Higgins
12:03 PM Bug #1733: ENM IIH - Create Mask Layer for GARP
fixed with Convex Hull and CV Hull to Raster actors Dan Higgins
12:00 PM Bug #1730: ENM IID - Regridding (Resampling) of layer grid information
carried out at in GridRescaler actor Dan Higgins
11:55 AM Bug #1727: ENM IIC1 - Initial Preparation of IPCC Current Climate Data
The ClimateFileProcessor actor carries out this task. Dan Higgins

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