From 03/11/2007 to 04/09/2007


01:14 PM Bug #2816 (Resolved): Try to migration without old temp tables
Migration from entry tables currently goes through old SAS-style temporary tables, but this is painful to debug and c... Michael Lee
01:13 PM Bug #2815 (Resolved): remove user_entry table and use party instead
Using the party table will better facilitate users in the database and not require users to enter themselves twice. ... Michael Lee
01:09 PM Bug #2814 (Resolved): Add file name to database title and/or main menu title
This helps clarify what database file one is working with. Michael Lee


08:58 AM Bug #2812 (Closed): Query crashes mapping program when concept relationships are logically inconsistent
When I try to map Rubus leviculus I get what looks like an infinite loop. See error messages below.
Error: [Mic...
Robert Peet


03:52 PM Bug #2811: Opening database fails when user in CVS_Entry_options isn't in user_entry
fixed in v205p7 Michael Lee
03:32 PM Bug #2811: Opening database fails when user in CVS_Entry_options isn't in user_entry
SELECT cvs_entry_options.*, getCurrentUser_directly(True) AS userName, "not " & [userName] & "?" AS thisIsNotMe...
Michael Lee
03:24 PM Bug #2811 (Resolved): Opening database fails when user in CVS_Entry_options isn't in user_entry
SQL joining two tables is inner join to keep writable, but need a different solution, as this prevents opening the db... Michael Lee


12:19 PM Bug #2810 (Closed): Print function for maps does not work
If in IE6 you click the printer icon under a map the program starts to generate a new map and never finishes. In cont... Robert Peet


10:10 AM Bug #2808 (Closed): Revise rule 26 to remove most if not all >= relationships
There are currently over 1000 >= relationiships generated by rule 26.
This occurs when Species A sec Weakley > Spe...
Robert Peet
10:03 AM Bug #2636: Better labels for ambiguous occurrences
fixed Robert Peet
10:01 AM Bug #2793: Reorder search on homepage
fixed Robert Peet
10:01 AM Bug #2784: Community tab should be based on Weakley taxa and not nominals
fixed Robert Peet
09:59 AM Bug #2754: X-IL record does not appear on map; Need category for misc records
fixed Robert Peet
09:58 AM Bug #2651: font issues with various browsers
fixed Robert Peet
09:56 AM Bug #2623: 42. TaxonProgress updates
fixed Robert Peet
09:53 AM Bug #2715: Clean up relationship mapping to remove ?s
<= relationships now gone.
I will generate a new bug for Xianhua for the >= relationships.
I will pass the 555 ? re...
Robert Peet
09:50 AM Bug #2602: Document concept references in Weakley flora
I have now created two files that contain (1) simple and full reference couplets, and (2) TaxonName,codeRef and simpl... Robert Peet


02:02 PM Bug #2802 (Resolved): Height error not specified in unfolding
height error doesn't seem to be correctly populated in the unfolding process. Michael Lee
12:25 PM Bug #2801: reports get confused with level 2 data
need to include "missing" vigor values (a new value) Michael Lee
12:24 PM Bug #2801 (Resolved): reports get confused with level 2 data
Need to filter out natural stems from reports as they throw the species numbers, plus the default report is not desig... Michael Lee
11:37 AM Bug #2800 (Resolved): DBA screens do not check for header notes to be OK'd
The notes for each species are checked, but the ones for the full plot aren't, but sometimes these notes impact thing... Michael Lee


07:59 PM Bug #2684: Miscellaneous literature records for distribution
Yes, this is big operation. Many aspects need to be changed since current system has been designed under an situation... xianhua liu


07:41 PM Bug #2637: RAB records of nominal variety occurrences have incomplete name
Thanks. I am clear now about the issue. Here enclosed please find the excel file that contains all the Vars in RAB co... xianhua liu
07:12 PM Bug #2626: 45. Negative occurrences
I added a column in the distribution table to store the validity status of distribution record. The admin interface h... xianhua liu
06:00 PM Bug #2626: 45. Negative occurrences
Since these records are wrong, would not it be better to just remove them from the map? Anyway, they contr...
xianhua liu
07:08 PM Bug #2678: Create tool for editing static database records of taxon occurrence
The tool is available at for editing records in the static database of occurre... xianhua liu
06:23 PM Bug #2784: Community tab should be based on Weakley taxa and not nominals
fixed xianhua liu
06:08 PM Bug #2636: Better labels for ambiguous occurrences
I guess this issue has been resolved by listing individual sources for ambiguous records instead of lumping them in o... xianhua liu
05:42 PM Bug #2585: Allow ambiguous records only in states where taxon occurs
First, let me explain why Adiantum pedatum from NCU is ambiguous.
We have relationships:
1. Adiantum pedatum (Weakle...
xianhua liu

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