From 06/13/2004 to 07/12/2004


11:15 AM Bug #1635 (Resolved): Update ant build so that documentation appears for new actors
Neither the javadoc nor the actual source code files appear for Kepler specific
actors. Also the javadoc does not ap...
Dan Higgins


01:35 PM Bug #1606 (Resolved): Update Kepler to work with Version 4.0 of Ptolemy
Currently Kepler is based on Ptolemy version 3.02. Version 4.0 Beta has been
released and the actual 4.0 release in ...
Dan Higgins


04:14 PM Bug #1546: dynamic data and actor views using ontologies
This set of slides is a very early version of the sparrow api, including the
dynamic view operation. Note that the ve...
Shawn Bowers
02:35 PM Bug #1557: problems with paths with 'spaces'
I'm not sure if this is an issue anymore....probably should look into it when
the installer is built
Chad Berkley
02:34 PM Bug #1343: need full eml2 support
duplicate of 1189
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 1189 ***
Chad Berkley
02:34 PM Bug #1189: add full support for EML2 comple textFormat in EML ingestor
*** Bug 1343 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Chad Berkley
02:28 PM Bug #1189: add full support for EML2 comple textFormat in EML ingestor
I think matt has made some of these changes and jing is now in charge of the
eml/ecogrid integration in kepler
Chad Berkley
02:33 PM Bug #1335: finish actor prototype tool
I have looked extensively into trying to recompile and reload a class in java
and have been unable to figure out how ...
Chad Berkley
02:31 PM Bug #1332: GARP improvements and further implemenation
dan is now working on GARP Chad Berkley
02:30 PM Bug #1338: find GIS system for inclusion in kepler
currently have several GRASS functions implemented as web services and being
used in a prototype clipping pipeline. ...
Chad Berkley
02:23 PM Bug #1588: create nightly build system
installed a test version of AntHill on trestles for evaluation.
It's installed at
Chad Berkley

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