From 04/09/2007 to 05/08/2007


10:06 AM Bug #2696: EML 2 Dataset actor needs to access local data files
A new data file parameter has been added to the actor. User needs to specify both the local metadata and the local da... Dan Higgins
08:37 AM Bug #2834: Incorrect Actor Icons
Another actor icon that needs to be changed is StatusChecker. It should have an ExecutionActor icon (blank teal backg... Kirsten Menger-Anderson


05:14 PM Bug #2834 (Resolved): Incorrect Actor Icons
A couple actor icons that aren't correct:
MATLABExpression (this actor currently uses an arrow icon, but it should...
Kirsten Menger-Anderson
02:51 PM Bug #2833 (Resolved): 'Open' problem with new DarwinCoreDataSource actor
Recently, the DarwinCoreDataSource actor was updated to allow species names to be input during workflow execution rat... Dan Higgins


04:37 PM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
The two actors that seem to cause the problem are the only 2 that use the "ptolemy.vergil.icon.ImageIcon" class. Mayb... Dan Higgins
11:21 AM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
If both the 'Image' and 'Monitor Image' are removed from the actor list, the error message goes away! Dan Higgins
09:19 AM Bug #2307: Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
Mac OSX Intel code and associated libraries for GDAL projection and file conversion actors has been checked in to lib... Dan Higgins


10:58 AM Bug #2830 (Resolved): Actor names to change/actors to remove from application
I'm opening a bug to keep track of notes about some actors that have come up as I've gone through the actor docs.
Kirsten Menger-Anderson


02:56 PM Bug #2829: "Warning: Unrecognized XML Element" message
Added <configure> </configure> tags around the paragraph (<P></P>) tags used in the new documentation (ie inside the ... Dan Higgins
02:45 PM Bug #2829 (Resolved): "Warning: Unrecognized XML Element" message
A "Warning: Unrecognized XML Element" message (message box containing "P") appears when starting Kepler after deletin... Dan Higgins


11:33 AM Bug #2828 (In Progress): Actor names inconsistent
Actor names and parameter names are currently inconsistently formatted. They should all be camel cap/no space (e.g., ... Kirsten Menger-Anderson
09:51 AM Bug #2822: endPoint not working
Jing fixed configuration problem so endpoint works again Dan Higgins


02:22 PM Bug #2822 (Resolved): endPoint not working
ecogrid endpoint at '' not working! Workaround is to replace that endpoint in $Kepler/lib/c... Dan Higgins


09:34 AM Bug #2677: kepler hangs when home directory is on an NFS mount
I am demoting this bug from 'Blocker' to 'Major' simply because the use case of having the home directory on a NSF mo... Dan Higgins


03:27 PM Bug #1839: adding new port sometimes causes canvas to resize
Unable to reproduce this problem with latest versions of Kepler/Ptolemy. Dan Higgins
03:04 PM Bug #2441: Actor port positions not maintained following kar library build
fixed with recent change to saving Port Moml info Dan Higgins
03:01 PM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
Note: Error also occurs in CVS head on April 12, 2007 with 'ant run-dev', but search apparently works anyway.
Dan Higgins
02:50 PM Bug #2440: Saving Workflow
This problem is apparently fixed by newer version of Ptolemy. If no extension is given, the default '.xml' is automat... Dan Higgins
02:05 PM Bug #2412: Unable to Create Kar file from composite
Creating a kar file from a composite now works as long as the composite was built from an empty Composite actor and n... Dan Higgins
02:01 PM Bug #2819 (Resolved): Fix the menu command to build Composite from selection
The menu command to build a Composite actor from a selected set of actors has been disabled in Kepler. [But an empty ... Dan Higgins
01:54 PM Bug #2516: Port Datatypes not set properly for derived RExpression actors
Port datatypes were not written in the 'toMoMLString' method of the 'PortMetadata' inner class of Dan Higgins
01:47 PM Bug #2472: Port locations not saved with Composites in 'Save in Library...'
Port locations were not written in the 'toMoMLString' method of the 'PortMetadata' inner class of Dan Higgins


05:36 PM Bug #2817: kepler-1.0.0beta3.exe not finding valid java install
I actually have the following installed via java's installer engines (complete with reg keys etc)
Terry Rankine
11:36 AM Bug #2817: kepler-1.0.0beta3.exe not finding valid java install
I thought that the installer may just be having a hard time finding Java 1.6 and that this could be fixed by modifyin... Dan Higgins
09:49 AM Bug #2817: kepler-1.0.0beta3.exe not finding valid java install
This appears to be a problem with the rather old version of InstallAnywhere used to build the installer. (Too old to ... Dan Higgins


09:46 PM Bug #2817: kepler-1.0.0beta3.exe not finding valid java install
I updated your bug to 1.0.0beta3 -- thanks for pointing out the omission.
We have not yet tested against Java 1.6. ...
Matt Jones
08:06 PM Bug #2817 (Resolved): kepler-1.0.0beta3.exe not finding valid java install
firstly there is no 1.0.0.beta3 category.
secondly, the installer with out the jvm,
Terry Rankine
03:21 PM Bug #2534: ImageConverter lacks info on input/output types it will handle
Changed 'convertTo' StringAttribute to a StringParameter; added output types (e.g PNG, JPG, etc) to a dropdown list. Dan Higgins


03:10 PM Bug #2510: Using the parameter for file input in the IJMacro actor does not work
removed unneeded statement that returned from 'fire' method when there was no token on input. Dan Higgins
12:20 PM Bug #2391: Installer fixes for 1.0 release
items in description have been implemented! Dan Higgins

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