From 04/25/2007 to 05/24/2007


01:15 PM Bug #2853 (Resolved): Documentation (where to save it; customization)
Kepler actors now have documentation stored in the kar files under a 'KeplerDocumentation' parameter. However, when y... Dan Higgins


02:02 PM Bug #2850 (Resolved): Better Error message for missing 'R'
If a workflow containing an RExpression actor is executed and R cannot be started from the command line (missing or n... Dan Higgins


09:42 AM Bug #2828: Actor names inconsistent
I agree -- these should indeed be fixed, and the effort to do so is well worth it. We also should be establishing st... Matt Jones


06:31 AM Bug #2828: Actor names inconsistent
Hmm, I disagree with marking this as WONTFIX. The issue is that actor
names should be camel cased and that Actors sh...
Christopher Brooks


12:06 PM Bug #2470: Documentation Missing for some R-actors
All documentation for these actors should now be in the moml files. Chad Berkley
12:00 PM Bug #2146: Design and implement authentication system for kepler
The kepler authentication system was majorly overhauled in late 2006. It now includes a plugable system for differen... Chad Berkley
11:51 AM Bug #2755: generateDocs replaces & with & erroneously
no longer an issue with the new documentation system. Chad Berkley
11:50 AM Bug #2746: Documentation system does not work with java 1.6
This is no longer an issue with the new documentation feature. Chad Berkley
11:49 AM Bug #2828: Actor names inconsistent
Changing all of the actor and parameter/port names within kepler is not feasible. Actors are created by many differe... Chad Berkley
11:47 AM Bug #2685: confused about the MOML file
You'll need to add the ports in your java class as well as the moml. This isn't a kepler bug. Chad Berkley
11:45 AM Bug #2677: kepler hangs when home directory is on an NFS mount
This sounds like a java issue to me. I don't think this is within our scope of fixing. Chad Berkley
11:43 AM Bug #2439: Problem creating KAR from instantiated actor
All actors must have IDs for any of the kar functionality to work. If the actor doesn't have an ID, this isn't going... Chad Berkley
11:41 AM Bug #2513: Some actors not included in 'ant generateDoc' target
this bug is no longer valid because we don't generate docs like this anymore. Chad Berkley


11:03 AM Bug #2840 (Resolved): Kepler beta3 will not run on Mac OSX10.3
Kepler 10.3 will not run under Mac OSX 10.3 (but does on Mac OSX 10.4). Kepler beta2 does work OK!
It looks like th...
Dan Higgins


08:34 AM Bug #2315: Unable to run multiple Kepler instances simultaneously
Matt writes:
The issue is that Kepler uses a backend relational db for caching and
several data processing activitie...
Christopher Brooks


11:12 AM Bug #2834: Incorrect Actor Icons
A comment from a user about Model actor icons:
LinearModel actor icon does not have a horizontal arrow (as expected i...
Kirsten Menger-Anderson


10:06 AM Bug #2696: EML 2 Dataset actor needs to access local data files
A new data file parameter has been added to the actor. User needs to specify both the local metadata and the local da... Dan Higgins
08:37 AM Bug #2834: Incorrect Actor Icons
Another actor icon that needs to be changed is StatusChecker. It should have an ExecutionActor icon (blank teal backg... Kirsten Menger-Anderson


05:14 PM Bug #2834 (Resolved): Incorrect Actor Icons
A couple actor icons that aren't correct:
MATLABExpression (this actor currently uses an arrow icon, but it should...
Kirsten Menger-Anderson


02:51 PM Bug #2833 (Resolved): 'Open' problem with new DarwinCoreDataSource actor
Recently, the DarwinCoreDataSource actor was updated to allow species names to be input during workflow execution rat... Dan Higgins


04:37 PM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
The two actors that seem to cause the problem are the only 2 that use the "ptolemy.vergil.icon.ImageIcon" class. Mayb... Dan Higgins
11:21 AM Bug #2426: Search for 'image' in actor tree 'hangs' window in nightly build
If both the 'Image' and 'Monitor Image' are removed from the actor list, the error message goes away! Dan Higgins
09:19 AM Bug #2307: Mac OSX code missing for several JNI actors
Mac OSX Intel code and associated libraries for GDAL projection and file conversion actors has been checked in to lib... Dan Higgins

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