From 07/16/2009 to 08/14/2009


05:38 PM Revision 5028 (metacat): Persist skin properties across installations
02:26 PM Revision 5027 (metacat): Change MetaCatVersion to MetacatVersion
02:24 PM Revision 5026 (metacat): Rename MetaCat to Metacat
02:22 PM Revision 5025 (metacat): Move document specific utilities to DocumentUtil from MetacatUtil. This makes it easier to define a layer between the core metacat services and the rest of the code.


03:05 PM Revision 5024 (metacat): includes ability to select null attributes for unions
ben leinfelder


06:49 PM Bug #4307 (Resolved): Upgrade Geoserver to prevent Metacat crashes
The shapefile building routine isn't releasing file handles it uses when building new shapefiles. This is causing pro... Shaun Walbridge
02:12 PM Revision 5023 (metacat): Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem:
* Remove import of deleted class Duane Costa
01:58 PM Revision 5022 (metacat): Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem:
* Add documentation files to the 'docs/dev/oaipmh' directory.
* Delete two obsolete files.
* Modify class descrip...
Duane Costa


03:38 PM Bug #4301: sessionid in the URL creates end-user difficulty
Plus, the new RESTful URL style was created specifically to eliminate the problems with search engines ignorig the qu... Matt Jones
03:35 PM Bug #4301: sessionid in the URL creates end-user difficulty
Oh, this is a small but frustrating UI enhancement thing that doesn't involve any of metacat's underlying functionali... Oliver Soong
03:34 PM Bug #4301 (New): sessionid in the URL creates end-user difficulty
Using a plain URL, one cannot access datasets that require authentication. Alternatively, a link of the form http://... Oliver Soong
03:16 PM Bug #3217: Create simple tranformations to present permissions error messages in styled format
It would be useful to have the error page for insufficient privileges also provide a login prompt so that one could i... Oliver Soong
01:45 PM Revision 5021 (metacat): Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem. Develop harvester component of the OAI-PMH harvester/provider pair.
* Terminate harvest if login failed.
* Add shell script
Duane Costa


02:34 PM Revision 5020 (metacat): Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem. Develop harvester component of the OAI-PMH harvester/provider pair.
Duane Costa
11:36 AM Revision 5019 (metacat): fixes for first installation
ben leinfelder
10:35 AM Revision 5018 (metacat): Updated comments to more accurately reflect the API
10:32 AM Revision 5017 (metacat): include first as an available skin
ben leinfelder


03:12 PM Bug #4283 (New): use HTMLUnit to do unit / integration tests on pages
A number of issues we've had with both the Registry, skins display, and administrative configuration utility could be... Shaun Walbridge
10:59 AM Revision 5016 (metacat): Fix references to db classes that were moved and refactoring missed.


02:48 PM Bug #3885: KNB metacat replication error log file is empty
Changed replication logging to use log4j rollingfileappender. Changed all replication logging to use this appender. Michael Daigle
02:46 PM Bug #3510: reorganize classes into a more functional specific structure
Created replication, shared and database directories and moved code into there. Michael Daigle
02:45 PM Bug #3493: Add utilities module to fullclean/build
This was added in 1.9.1 Michael Daigle
02:32 PM Revision 5015 (metacat): Create database and shared directories for database management code and shared code respectively.
02:30 PM Revision 5014 (metacat): Create replication directory. Move replication code there. Use log4j for replication logging (rollingfileappender). Beef up replication logging and error control.


04:47 PM Revision 5013 (metacat): Add the ability to delete a scheduled workflow (move status to deleted in database)


04:58 PM Revision 5012 (metacat): Added end time to workflow scheduler.
01:27 PM Revision 5011 (metacat): Propagate the kar id throughout the configuration screens.
01:26 PM Revision 5010 (metacat): Populate admin login user dropdown with configured admins
11:42 AM Bug #3729: Add admin names as dropdown in configuration login
Added dropdown to configuration page Michael Daigle
11:40 AM Bug #2839: Check list after upgrading KNB and ESA metacat
The metacat admin guide has been updated with ESA install instructions. Michael Daigle
10:31 AM Revision 5009 (metacat): Revert change to test target that limits the tests run.
10:20 AM Revision 5005 (metacat): Input date formatting changes
10:19 AM Revision 5004 (metacat): Use context url instead of server IP. Server IP breaks if the server does not have an externally facing IP (behind a proxy server)
10:14 AM Revision 5003 (metacat): Remove unneeded exception handling
10:13 AM Revision 5002 (metacat): Update utilities tag to UTILITIES_1_0_1_RC2


03:06 PM Bug #4275: Earthgrid REST API Implementation
1 . MetacatServlet's local functions are moved to a class named "MetacatHandler" which is initialized in the servlet ... Serhan Serhan
02:35 PM Bug #4275: Earthgrid REST API Implementation
accidentally assigned to michael instead of me. Serhan Serhan
02:18 PM Bug #4275 (Resolved): Earthgrid REST API Implementation
REST equivalent of Earthgrid SOAP API should be implemented to provide an interface for accessing Metacat data manage... Serhan Serhan
01:45 PM Bug #4167: Create Workflow Scheduler
*** Bug 3891 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Michael Daigle
01:45 PM Bug #3891: Create a scheduler service
Scheduler service is being created in conjunction with workflow scheduler
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicat...
Michael Daigle
01:24 PM Bug #2313: Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default
Note, in order to facilitate custom skins. Skins should be stored in external directory. There should be some discu... Michael Daigle
01:22 PM Bug #2313: Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default
*** Bug 3751 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. *** Michael Daigle
01:20 PM Bug #2313: Metacat Skins: Skins should not be installed by default
All skins will still ship with release, since all releases are the same. However, available skins should be configur... Michael Daigle
01:22 PM Bug #3751: Move skins to external directory
Closing this bug and including with 2313
*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 2313 ***
Michael Daigle
01:19 PM Bug #2219: EML document from Andrews LTER are modified by Metacat during insertion and converted into invalid EML
Metacat now stores and retrieves the original metadata from disk, ensuring that the doc is not modified. Michael Daigle
01:17 PM Bug #2059: ant installdb fails when run on Oracle
Metacat now runs all scripts internally. All scripts have been tested against postgres and oracle. Michael Daigle
10:06 AM Revision 5001 (metacat): include datamanager configuration in the /admin utility (for FIRST project...and others down the road)
ben leinfelder
10:01 AM Revision 5000 (metacat): override the 10px margin that was added to the EML stylesheet that we are including.
ben leinfelder


02:47 PM Revision 4999 (metacat): Implement fix for Bug #4245: Harvester command line scripts don't execute.
Duane Costa
02:42 PM Revision 4998 (metacat): -handle new(?) XPath for the question prompt and include in the CSV download
-sort the multiple choice options ben leinfelder
12:59 PM Revision 4997 (metacat): fix name="...." attribute that was causing problems in IE (it was a typo, but not caught in firefox) ben leinfelder
12:50 PM Revision 4996 (metacat): Bug 3835: Design and implement OAI-PMH compliant harvest subsystem
Check to see whether metacat database has changed since last refresh date, and if it has, refresh catalog objects in ... Duane Costa
12:49 PM Bug #4269 (Closed): EML from data.piscoweb not replicating to knb
These 2 docs:
Margaret O'Brien
11:20 AM Bug #4266 (Closed): error reading EML replicated to knb
Replication of this dataset seems to have resulted in an error. It was inserted using the dev/loadxml.html page at me... Margaret O'Brien


11:49 AM Revision 4990 (metacat): Add a new line for NameVirtualHost. Otherwise, the host will fail.
Jing Tao


01:12 AM Revision 4989 (metacat): sort workflow run results by:
-date executed (desc)
-tpc name (asc)
ben leinfelder
12:49 AM Revision 4988 (metacat): sort workflow results by:
-date (desc)
-tpc name (asc)
ben leinfelder


06:44 AM Revision 4987 (metacat): Add debug statement
06:42 AM Revision 4986 (metacat): Fix issue where every scheduled job gets the same parameters.
04:26 AM Revision 4985 (metacat): replace // with #


11:18 PM Revision 4984 (metacat): Created new AuthStub class to always authenticate.

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