From 07/24/2001 to 08/22/2001


10:24 AM Bug #268 (Resolved): Morpho help system
A draft html help system was created to go with Beta1 Morpho release. However,
this help (or improved version) need...
Dan Higgins
10:22 AM Bug #267 (Resolved): Add schema support to Morpho XML editor
Current Morpho XML editor uses DTDs while EML2.0 work is using XML Schemas.
There is thus a possible need to upgrad...
Dan Higgins
10:06 AM Bug #221: Test Morpho and the Morpho Installer on Linux
Beta1 Morpho Installer (InstallAnywhere) was tested on a single Linux machine by
Chad Berkley
Dan Higgins
09:56 AM Bug #223: Build installers for Windows, Mac, Linux
Windows and Linux Installers have been built for Beta1 release; Mac version of
Morpho not yet running.
Dan Higgins
09:55 AM Bug #259: Change meaning of permissions to be inclusive
Not completed by Beta1 - moved to Beta2 Dan Higgins
09:52 AM Bug #72: need more user friendly notification on document errors
This problem referred to the MDE which is no longer being used. Problem is thus
Dan Higgins


02:52 PM Bug #263: editor fails to create some CHOICE content models
Previous versions had problems with nested, unnamed sequences and choices within
dtd content declarations. This wasc...
Dan Higgins


09:15 AM Bug #223: Build installers for Windows, Mac, Linux
InstallAnywhere 4.0 used to built installers for Windows, Linux. Mac version of
Morpho not yet operational.
Dan Higgins
09:13 AM Bug #220: Test Morpho and morpho installer on Windows
InstallAnywhere 4.0 used to build installer for Windows. Installation has been
tested on 8-10 different Windows mach...
Dan Higgins
09:10 AM Bug #123: saved resultsets, cached documents
This feature has been implemented in Beta 1 release Dan Higgins
09:08 AM Bug #123: saved resultsets, cached documents
This capability has been added to Beta1 release Dan Higgins
09:07 AM Bug #84: create javadoc documentation
Javadoc documentation now exists in all classes Dan Higgins


05:49 PM Bug #263 (Resolved): editor fails to create some CHOICE content models
The Morpho editor has trouble representing some CHOICE content models for
editing properly, likely those that have m...
Matt Jones


10:09 AM Bug #262: make text fields editable in pop-up text editor
changed status to p4 Chad Berkley
10:07 AM Bug #254: Look up id sequence on morpho startup
changed status to p2 Chad Berkley
10:01 AM Bug #245: need right click menu for query results
one can now right click on a result panel and access the options mentioned. Chad Berkley
09:59 AM Bug #237: exclude old revisions of packages from results display
the result frame still doesn't refresh automatically but this is described in
another bug.
Chad Berkley
09:56 AM Bug #241: Package Wizard does not upload data files
fixed Chad Berkley


11:54 AM Bug #262 (Resolved): make text fields editable in pop-up text editor
As an idea in Morpho make text fields that potentially will hold long text
editable in a pop-up text editor with OK...
Jivka Bojilova
11:50 AM Bug #252: reformat table entity display
fixed Chad Berkley


03:07 PM Bug #261 (Resolved): need better metadata/data interface
The way that data files are handled in packages needs to be updated. There is
no easy way to change/delete/add rela...
Chad Berkley
03:05 PM Bug #260 (Resolved): acl handling for packages needs to be updated
the package editor components now need to update an acl file for public read
write access instead of setting the pub...
Chad Berkley
03:01 PM Bug #257: package wizard error when data file selected
fixed Chad Berkley

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