From 07/27/2006 to 08/25/2006


12:34 PM Bug #2465: new lines are displayed in the text boxes but do not show after text entries saved

A good way of handling this would be to use 2 newlines as starting of a paragraph. So in the text boxes, any 2 conse...
Saurabh Garg
10:00 AM Bug #2508 (Resolved): Incorrect example for relative attribute given in table wizard
In the new data table wizard, the example for the attribute category "relative" is currently "12.2 meters". However, ... Will Tyburczy


04:47 PM Bug #2353: screenshot missing in Morpho Help files
last entry was worded wrong. <img src="images/datawizard13.gif" width="657" height="505"> replaced <img src="images/d... Callie Bowdish
04:42 PM Bug #2353: screenshot missing in Morpho Help files
There is no datawizard13a.gif image that the file Morpho/docs/user/Adding_Data_to_a_Data_Package.htm referes to. I th... Callie Bowdish


11:06 AM Bug #2489: The Predefined list does not display the values
The problem with displaying the code values and definitions is that they reside in the actual data file, which is ina... Will Tyburczy
10:30 AM Bug #2288: Attribute 'authSystem' is missing on element 'access'
Can't replicate this bug. Maybe this was a release candidate and not a stable release? Will Tyburczy
10:21 AM Bug #2502 (Resolved): Should be able to enter missingValueCode elements to dp
Missing value codes for attributes are something that most researchers are going to want to be able to enter. We nee... Will Tyburczy
09:54 AM Bug #2339: Triage bugs
This was more of a "note to self" than a bug Will Tyburczy
09:41 AM Bug #2500 (New): Tree Editor allows text in element-only elements
If you click, "Show All" in Morpho, the expansion of the EML is truncated at some point for performance reasons. How... Will Tyburczy

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