From 03/15/2009 to 04/13/2009


03:36 PM Bug #3983 (New): entering key-value pairs from a file is not user friendly
When a file has a column which is an enumerated list, the user has the option of including that key-values in a separ... Margaret O'Brien
01:04 PM Bug #3980 (New): a user trying to synchronize an invalid package needs a user-friendly error message
A user (inadvertently) created an invalid package (see bug #3978), and attempted to save it to the network. When file... Margaret O'Brien
12:54 PM Bug #3979 (New): File-> save has no response when a user tries to save an invalid doc
a user (inadvertently) created a document which had duplicate IDs (see bug #3978). When she tried to save it to the n... Margaret O'Brien
12:48 PM Bug #3978 (Resolved): when adding people from another dataset, check to see that ids are unique
a user used the feature to add a creator from a person in another dataset, The incoming responsibleParty had an ID at... Margaret O'Brien


10:13 AM Bug #3946 (Resolved): feature request: a wizard to add content to distribution/online/url
EML documents can contain urls to resources like dataTables and protocol docs via its physical/distribution/online no... Margaret O'Brien
10:05 AM Bug #3945 (New): tree-editor does not allow editing of non-referenced material following a referenced creator
There is a problem with how the tree editor handles referenced content. In document knb-lter-sbc.15.6, the protocol/c... Margaret O'Brien


02:41 PM Bug #3940 (New): docid collisions, even if data packages have different scopes
During a workshop, several users created data packages using their own names as the scope. Network connectivity was i... Margaret O'Brien
01:03 PM Bug #3937 (New): Login results in misleading error message when KNB is down
I attempted to login from the main Morpho screen, and received an immediate "Login failed" message that further sugge... Jim Regetz


09:24 AM Bug #3919 (New): the 'tab' key should behave consistently when through form fields
A user filling out a form often uses the 'Tab' key to move to the next field. Sometimes in morpho, the tab key stays ... Margaret O'Brien
08:56 AM Bug #3918: on macintosh, non-admin users cannot write the file accesslist.xml
screenshot with error msg Margaret O'Brien
08:55 AM Bug #3918 (Resolved): on macintosh, non-admin users cannot write the file accesslist.xml
A user was logged into a mac as a non-admin user, and tried to add an access rule from the LDAP tree tool. She got th... Margaret O'Brien


09:41 AM Bug #345: pick lists for controlled vocabularies
created new bug for taxonomic coverage - closing this bug ben leinfelder
09:41 AM Bug #3897 (New): Controlled vocabulary for Taxonomic Coverage
The pluggable controlled vocabulary UI is useful for keywordSets, but also the same widget could be used for picking ... ben leinfelder
09:18 AM Bug #3678: Incorporate FIRST features for generalized vocabulary lookup
this has been incorporated into the Morpho tree for 1.7 ben leinfelder


04:50 PM Bug #345: pick lists for controlled vocabularies
Is this controlled vocabulary pick list complete enough to be closed for the 1.7 release? If so, can you open...
Matt Jones

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