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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
2555 Bug New Normal Update XSD to allow null dates Michael Lee 09/15/2006 11:02 AM
2547 Bug New Normal NPS-PLOTS plugin doesn't handle userDefined well Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:59 PM
2543 Bug In Progress Normal Log errors into an email or something Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:12 PM
2541 Bug New Normal Rework export to use pages or filesystem to improve performance and remove timeouts Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:14 PM
2533 Bug New Normal temp tables need to be part of denormalization update Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:11 PM
2487 Bug New Normal NPS-PLOTS conversion utility: prefer exact slope/aspect Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:35 PM
2468 Bug Resolved Normal show error estimates of mapped plots Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:55 PM
2457 Bug New Normal Link to list of certified users, renew embargo screens Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:31 PM
2436 Bug New Immediate Evaluate: Map plots with one click from plot-result-set Robert Peet 09/11/2006 12:02 PM
2404 Bug New Normal Evaluate: Let users define bounding box with Google Maps, then show plots in that area Robert Peet 09/11/2006 04:23 PM
2402 Bug New Normal Strategy to update denormalized data, cache, pages Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:24 PM
2394 Bug New Normal Make Search by person easier: filter by plots submitted and plots contributed to Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:44 PM
2102 Bug New Normal IN JULY: Load Real Concepts that have been a major part of this grant Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:27 PM
1975 Bug New Low Iteratively query to narrow or broaden query results Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:29 PM
1970 Bug Resolved Normal Query to search for plots with plants/comms "in a dataset" Michael Lee 07/22/2005 05:19 PM
1956 Bug New Normal function to fuzz and unfuzz locations for admin Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:20 PM
1955 Bug New Normal view my plots -- deposits, based on ownership + embargo chng Michael Lee 09/11/2006 04:32 PM
1953 Bug Resolved Normal notes: link to view/add note in views P. Anderson 04/06/2006 07:31 PM
1654 Bug Resolved Normal pdf's don't work in Mozilla on our tomcat site, but do in apache P. Anderson 08/25/2004 09:08 AM
1610 Bug Resolved Normal lift VA Heritage data embargo Michael Lee 02/09/2011 12:29 PM
1371 Bug Resolved Normal need to provide a 1.0.2 xml example that is useful Michael Lee 05/07/2004 11:33 AM
1357 Bug Resolved Normal remove initial plots which are duplicates/incomplete Michael Lee 01/31/2005 02:53 PM
1356 Bug Resolved Normal Add any late users in Framework to VegBank parties Michael Lee 01/31/2005 02:53 PM
1355 Bug Resolved Normal several small encoding bugs Michael Lee 10/27/2004 03:21 PM
1352 Bug New Normal choose which comms from commInterpretation - higher level obs summary Michael Lee 09/11/2006 01:43 PM
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