From 05/13/2012 to 06/11/2012


05:53 PM Bug #4112: make kepler use OSX dialog boxes and were already fixed and use PtGUIUtilities.useFileDialog(). I fixe... Daniel Crawl
02:59 PM Bug #4112: make kepler use OSX dialog boxes
Ptolemy II now uses java.awt.FileDialog for file open etc.
ptolemy.gui.PtFileChooser is a FileDialog or a FileChooser...
Christopher Brooks
02:23 PM Bug #4112: make kepler use OSX dialog boxes
Christopher, did you finish this? The file dialogs on mac appear to be using java.awt.FileDialog. Daniel Crawl
04:06 PM Bug #5437: provenance hsqldb database doesn't behave as though it's properly shutdown when in server mode
This was occurring for all 3 databases in server mode, not just provenance.
Fixed by issuing sql SHUTDOWN instead of...
Daniel Crawl
03:20 PM Bug #5286: Remove the override of EntityTreeModel
Sean can you confirm: am I right in thinking the point of the override was to avoid collapsing the Outline and Plotti... Derik Barseghian
02:20 PM Bug #5623 (Resolved): Outline tab context menu problems
When you change to the Outline tab, and expand an actor's tree and right-click on one of the actor's ports, attribute... Derik Barseghian
01:58 PM Bug #5603: ant run -Dworkflow=${HOME}/Downloads/SimpleLoop.kar fails
ant run -Dworkflow works for kars now. Daniel Crawl
01:37 PM Bug #5425: error when running -nocache and no .kepler
This does not occur with the kepler or provenance suite. Looks like wrm requires the cache db. Daniel Crawl
01:30 PM Bug #5426: workflow lsid changes when running from command line
fixed: -runwf -noilwc ... will not change the lsid. Daniel Crawl
11:50 AM Bug #5381: run-workflow does not work for KAR files
duplicate of 5603 Daniel Crawl
11:44 AM Bug #5156: ant run for kepler 1.0 fails after clean svn checkout
fixed, you can now run kepler 1.0. Daniel Crawl
11:25 AM Bug #5609: use different port for HSQL db in .kepler
I changed the port to 9004. Daniel Crawl
11:11 AM Bug #5588: Enter and Tab behavior has changed in parameter configuration dialog
I just checked and tab now moves to the next parameter's field, but enter still does not apply the new parameter valu... Daniel Crawl
10:40 AM Bug #5587: long parameter values get replaced with scrollbar
I just checked, and this is still a problem. I added a screen shot. Daniel Crawl


02:37 PM Bug #5621: Need change the access order type from denyFirst to allowFirst in kepler when it generate emls
Sounds like patches will have to be issued for all relevant versions of kepler at the time of metacat upgrade, and an... Derik Barseghian
02:15 PM Bug #5621 (Resolved): Need change the access order type from denyFirst to allowFirst in kepler when it generate emls
When kepler uploads kar xml and kar files to the metacat repository, the two files will be associated with eml files ... Jing Tao


05:33 PM Bug #5614 (New): Build system should not require svn binary
Currently, commands like "ant update" require that the user have svn in their path.
It would be good if Windows us...
Christopher Brooks
10:52 AM Bug #5612 (New): String index out of range in R actor
The R actor can only hand down a certain size of string array through a port.
I have attached a workflow which show...
Claas-Thido Pfaff


10:01 AM Bug #5602: Timezone confusion using the scheduler
We added two drop-down boxes for both the start and end time. Users can use the boxes to choose time zone names.
In ...
Jing Tao
09:03 AM Bug #5362: Create a GUI so user can easily archive a senosr's data from a dataturbine to a metacat
The menu for this action wasn't added to kepler, so we don't need to remove it.
The code for this feature locates sen...
Jing Tao
08:55 AM Bug #5605: Kepler scheduler doen't work for local workflows in windows os
There is a hard code "/" in file path. After replacing it by File.Separator, it worked. Jing Tao


02:50 PM Bug #5611 (New): LinearModel actor doesn't handle input variables properly
The R code in the RExpression-based LinearModel actor has several problems:
1. In a linear model, it's the _independ...
Jim Regetz


02:09 PM Bug #5610 (Resolved): check that build system can handle a "0.9.0" release
We discussed releasing sensor-view as sensor-view-0.9.0 initially to signify beta status. Check if this is currently ... Derik Barseghian


06:08 PM Bug #5609 (Resolved): use different port for HSQL db in .kepler
The HSQL server for the cache database in .kepler uses port 9001, which is the default port number for HSQL. If anoth... Daniel Crawl


11:47 AM Bug #5607: constant actor icon won't automatically re-size since 2.3.
This bug might be related to bug 5587. jianwu jianwu
11:44 AM Bug #5607 (Resolved): constant actor icon won't automatically re-size since 2.3.
For actor 'Constant' and 'String Constant', Kepler GUI used to automatically replace long text with its first a few c... jianwu jianwu

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